Girls Tennis Serves

by Emily Lara (she/her)

The Petaluma High School tennis team of only nine players ended their season with an overall score of 2-9.

The team went up against some strong league teams such as American Canyon High School, Vintage High School and Casa Grande High School. One of the PHS tennis coaches, Lori Ayre, said, “The team was challenged every match because they automatically started one point down, and often when we had two with sickness, it took out key players for games.”

Alongside Ayre is co-coach Carol Mckegney and new assistant coach Jed Mofftt, who focuses on technique and mindset with the team. Ayre gave credit to her players for being able to improve quickly. “The improvement of each player this season may have not shown up in the match scores, [but] the players improved their game this year by adding more shots, becoming more consistent and developing strong mental games,” said Ayre.