Tribune Editors

Lucy Decker

Editor in Chief, Head Page Editor, Copy Editor

Lucy Decker is a 17-year-old senior attending Petaluma High School and is a fourth-year Trojan Tribune member. Her hobbies include health and wellness as well as working and backpacking. She joined journalism to improve her general writing skills and to get to know about school events. She hopes to inform the school about up-and-coming and past events, as well as world events and news. Decker is looking forward to meeting new people and getting connected with the school community. Decker believes she will bring new opinions and perspectives to the class. Starting off the year as the Editor-in-Chief excites Decker and she hopes to help bring the school community together during distance learning.

Lorelei Kriss

Assistant Editor in Chief, Copy Editor

Lorelei Kriss is a 15-year-old junior at Petaluma High School. This school year, her second in the journalism class, she has taken on the role of assistant editor-in-chief. Kriss has high expectations for this year’s class of new journalists, and looks forward to imparting her writing and editing knowledge to them while keeping PHS informed from a distance. She hopes to continue improving her newsletter-making skills and finally master the graphic design facet of Google Docs. When she is not mourning the loss of InDesign and the F-3 couch, Kriss can be found marching for socially-distanced social justice, spending time with her friends, listening to '80s music and attempting to cram more posters into her already filled-to-capacity room.

Stella Schwappach

Assistant Editor in Chief, Copy Editor

Stella Schwappach is a 16-year-old junior at Petaluma High School. This will be her third year on the staff of the Trojan Tribune. Schwappach enjoys reading, writing and playing sports. She is taking this class to grow as a writer and to become a better photographer. She will be the co-assistant editor in chief this year. Schwappach hopes to use her writing and photography skills to help the Trojan Tribune grow as a paper. She will bring her skills to the staff and use them to create stories that will resonate with the readers, and aid with teaching new members of the staff, and is looking forward to the community that will be built among the staff.

Stella Frances

Head Copy Editor, Webmaster

Stella Frances, 16, is currently a junior at Petaluma High School with a great affinity for the art of writing and the English language. It being her second year in journalism, Frances is the Trojan Tribune’s head copy editor and website creator and plans to welcome newcomers with open arms and an open mind... as well as to engrave in their minds AP Style writing and proper grammar. Frances reads, runs and does yoga when she is not advocating for social and civil rights. She joined the Tribune not only to satisfy her longing desire to read, write and edit, but because she knew that she would find an amazing community with a common interest nestled in F3’s classroom… and now over Zoom. Frances dreams that the Tribune’s demographic will only grow in size, reaching and touching the hearts of a wide variety of people throughout Petaluma and the rest of Sonoma County.

Vivian Schafbuch

Arts & Opinion Copy Editor

Vivian Schafbuch is a 17-year-old senior and this is her third year in journalism. She is more than excited to be returning to the Trojan Tribune Team as the Arts and Opinion Editor. Vivian has a strong work ethic and loves working in this productive environment, and is looking forward to furthering her journalism skills. She joined journalism in order to express her opinion and to inform Petaluma High of what is happening not only in our school community but in the world around us. Vivian enjoys the community of the journalism class and having a tangible, finished product to show her work from. She is proud of what the class is able to put out and is very glad to come back. Through writing, she can channel my interest and curiosity for acting and film. She values various points of view and loves creating conversation. Vivian is obsessed with cinema and everything around it and enjoys writing both opinions and features on these topics. She can be found constantly recommending the films by the likes of Paul Thomas Anderson and David Fincher (even if someone didn’t ask for a recommendation).

Ellie Hall

Copy Editor

Ellie Hall is 17 years old and is coming into journalism for her first year as a senior. Outside of school, Ellie is a rower and loves to surf, hike and bake. She works not only as a hostess at the Shuckery but also at a Pilates studio here in Petaluma. Hall decided to join the journalism crew because she has never taken any type of class like this before; she enjoys reading up on current news stories and wants to learn about the art of journalism. Her goal is to not only to improve her general writing skills, but also to understand what it takes to run a paper and meet new people and feel more connected to her school community. Hall believes she can bring a fresh perspective to the content and design of the Trojan Tribune.

Mia Harris

Copy Editor

Mia Harris, junior, is a returning member of the Trojan Tribune staff for the 2020-2021 school year. She is looking forward to continuing her growth as a journalist over the course of the year. She loves writing and researching, and is looking forward to seeing her stories published in the paper. Harris is 17 years old, and this is her third time writing for the Trojan Tribune; she plans to continue to write for the paper every year. During her free time, you can often find Harris listening to music, hanging out with friends, watching movies or walking around downtown. Harris enjoys her science and math classes and is hoping to pursue a career in those fields. She is looking forward to working with the new members of the class and cannot wait to show them everything that is amazing about journalism. Overall, Harris has high hopes for the school year and cannot wait to work with the class newcomers and continue to improve her personal writing.

Sam Houser

Copy Editor

Sam Houser, a senior at Petaluma High School, is excited to be a rookie member of the journalism team this year. Houser has always had a passion for the collaborative process of writing that can be found within the Trojan Tribune. He is eager to sink his teeth into any topic he can get hands on and his primary aim is to get his diverse opinions heard. Besides having a deep interest in the written word, Houser is fascinated by the opportunity for creativity expression that both graphic design and photography offer. He hopes to apply his knowledge and skill in photography and graphic design to the Tribune’s overall aesthetic profile. Outside of school, Houser can probably be found reading, drawing, cooking or listening to podcasts. Sam hopes to take the avalanche of change and discord we have had foisted upon us and create a new, more hopeful narrative as a community.

Miriam Norwitz

Copy Editor

Miriam Norwitz is a 15-year-old sophomore at Petaluma High School. This is her second year in journalism and she is a first editor this year. Miriam has done ballet since she was six years old but is currently taking a break. In her free time she likes to hangout with friends, watch tv and listen to music. Miriam joined journalism because she loves writing, editing and photography. She also had a good time in the class last year. She strives to improve her writing and editing skills. Miriam hopes to continue taking journalism throughout high school and hopefully become editor in chief someday. She also wants to pursue journalism after high school for college and even a job. Living in New York is the dream and so is going to NYU. She is looking forward to meeting new people and having her work shared with the school. She can bring her good work ethic, passion for writing and editing skills. Miriam can't wait for a great year in journalism!

Marina Ferl

Copy Editor

Marina Ferl is a 16-year-old junior at Petaluma High School and this is her first year in journalism. Some of her hobbies include watching movies, listening to music, playing piano, reading and drawing or painting. Ferl would like to eventually pursue a job in the arts or something related. She joined journalism because she wanted to improve her writing skills and she enjoys it as well. She is looking forward to meeting many new people that she can work with and learn from. Her aspiration for the class is to improve her writing skills as well as having a good time while being more connected to school activities.

Madeline Peachy

Copy Editor

Madeleine Peachey is a senior at Petaluma High School and is entering her fourth year in journalism. Peachey loves to play tennis, work and hang out with friends in her free time. Peachey loves to write about politics, movies, pop culture and current events. Peachey joined this class because she loves writing and expressing herself, and this is also one of her favorite classes that she has taken throughout high school. When Peachey grows up she hopes to major in communications and minor in either criminal justice or media studies.

Alina Mitchell

Copy Editor

Alina Mitchell, 15, is a sophomore at Petaluma High School. This is her second year in journalism writing for the Trojan Tribune. She decided to take journalism again because she has always had a passion for writing since she was young. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, painting and reading. She is looking forward to learning new techniques and skills that will be used in her writing throughout the following years as well as meeting new people and making new friends as she continues to work hard for the class.

Ava Scott

Copy Editor

Ava Scott is a 15-year-old junior, and this is her first year in journalism. She is a competitive dancer and is a part of Link Crew at Petaluma High. She joined journalism because she enjoys writing and being creative. She will contribute to the paper by meeting all of the deadlines and being a team player. Throughout the class, she hopes to learn more about how a newspaper is put together. She is looking forward to informing students about important news and events through the paper, especially because the student body is apart. She will bring to class someone who is ready to work with other people and learn from those who have taken the class before her.

Santsi Seitz

Copy Editor

Santsi Seitz, a 14-year-old freshman, is embarking on her first year in journalism. Seitz joined journalism because she loves writing and would like to broaden the subjects and writing styles in her repertoire. In her free time you can find her reading, listening to music or spending time with her family. She intends to contribute her writing and time management skills to the team at The Trojan Tribune. She is looking forward to an opportunity to write more, while also improving her journalism skills. Overall, she is super excited to be a part of the Trojan Tribune staff this school year!

Maya Walter

Copy Editor

Maya Walter, a 14-year-old freshman, is just starting high school at PHS; this is her first year in journalism. She is very excited to be a part of the Trojan Tribune staff. Maya is very eager to start writing; some of her other hobbies include painting, photography, cooking, going to the beach, listening to music and hanging out with friends. You can typically find her out on the field playing lacrosse or on the court playing volleyball. This year, Maya hopes to add another perspective to the paper and hopes to touch on events occurring in the community as well as in the outside world. Overall, she looks forward to working with her fellow classmates, adding to the positive and creative atmosphere and improving her writing skills.

Jessi Redfield


Other Tribune Editors:

David Cook, Head News Editor

Sisi Nieuwboer-Bas, Financial Coordinator