Tribune Staff

Yesenia Analco

Yesenia Analco Rodriguez (she/her) is a junior at Petaluma High School. This is her first year in Journalism and she desires to improve her writing skills as well as learn different aspects of writing and the process of editing a newspaper. Analco also wants to challenge herself with something new and wishes to participate in more of PHS’s activities. She hopes to find something in which she can become passionate about. Analco is aiming for a successful  school year. When she isn’t in school, she likes to read fantasy novels, watch animated shows and movies, sketch, listen to calming music and hang out with her four parakeets and two cockatiels.

Audrey Atiyeh

Audrey Atiyeh (she/her), 15, is extremely excited to start her journey at the Trojan Tribune this year. She is ecstatic to be learning about a variety of topics and getting to improve her writing skills by being in the Journalism class. Atiyeh is an avid reader and writer and loves nature. She also enjoys crocheting, camping, going on walks and spending time with her friends and her cat. When she is not studying or doing homework, you can often find Atiyeh and her family going to get frozen yogurt and making weekly stops downtown for coffee. Atiyeh truly cares about unbiased reporting and hopes to help save the dying profession by being a part of the journalism class. She can’t wait to get started and collaborate with her fellow journalists to deliver reliable news to the public. 

Kate Doherty

Kate Doherty (she/her) is a 15 year-old junior at Petaluma High School and this will be her first year as a part of the Trojan Tribune Staff. Doherty is excited to take journalism because she hopes to learn all the techniques of being a good writer and interviewing people as a way to get more involved in a leadership position. Outside of the Tribune you can find Doherty participating in varsity cross country, soccer, track and dance. She also enjoys watching new movies in the theater, walking with her dog Jameson and reading in her spare time. Every other year she goes back to Ireland to visit her family where she is also a citizen. When Doherty graduates, she hopes she will study at Cal Poly and become an engineer, though she is not sure which type yet. She is a very hard worker and is very excited for her first year as a part of the Tribune and to help contribute her works to the paper. 

Sergeo Gangale

Sergeo Gangale is a sophomore in his first year as a member of the Trojan Tribune staff.  He hopes to provide accurate, informative and properly sourced information to the people who read the paper while working with the rest of the staff. Everyone deserves to know what’s happening in their community through a trusted source. 

He hopes to gain more skill and experience in writing while contributing to his community. Writing has always been an outlet of expression for him, whether it be sharing experiences or creating stories, and he is grateful to be a part of this.

Grace Gutierrez

Grace Gutierrez (she/her) is a 15-year-old sophomore entering into her first year in journalism. She is very excited to begin researching stories and informing her peers about current events and new things happening in the local community. She finds multiple aspects of journalism fascinating, such as writing stories and learning how to lay out the newspaper. Outside of Ms. Redfield’s classroom, Gutierrez can be found in the Petaluma High School gym as a second-year varsity volleyball player, playing the positions of right side and setter. Gutierrez’s other interests include playing piano, listening to music, eating a lot of food and baking delicious desserts. Gutierrez also loves to spend time exercising with her dad at the gym and going shopping at Target and Ulta with her mom. Overall, Gutierrez hopes to expand her knowledge on the topic of journalism and make new connections with others while writing and covering stories.

Genevieve Luttrell

Genevieve Luttrell (she/her), 14, is starting her first year of high school and is happy to be part of the journalism team. She is thrilled to learn about how the Trojan Tribune is created and distributed. Luttrell is very much a people person and delighted to have the opportunity to conduct interviews. Some of her other interests include hanging out with friends, drumming, swimming and listening to music. She can usually be found downtown with friends or in the swimming pool. She is ready to help the journalism team find new topics and spread important information. All in all, Luttrell is determined to make this year's Tribune the best it can be. 

A.V. Merkel

Vivian Phan

Vivian Phan (she/her), a freshman at Petaluma High School, has decided to become a member of the Trojan Tribune this year. She hopes to learn all the aspects of what it takes to create a newspaper and find a leadership position she enjoys. During the pandemic, Phan and her cousins created their own family magazine for a Christmas present. She loves to be creative and is a great writer when it comes to composing and reporting stories. When Phan isn’t writing stories, she can be found on the volleyball court, shopping at the mall or at Six Flags riding the most thrilling roller coasters with her friends. When at home, Phan loves to play with her little sisters and make sure they are always having fun. Any day in the week, you can always catch Phan eating french fries or chocolate ice cream. Phan is thrilled to be working in journalism this year and help her classmates publish a unique, different and fun newspaper. 

Keegan Pickens Rohrs

Sophomore Keegan Pickens (he/him) is starting his first year of Journalism and is hoping to do well with his fellow students. While he enjoys writing for the paper he also enjoys listening to music, working out and sleeping. He is also a part of Petaluma High School’s football team and plays for junior varsity as number 63. Pickens hopes to improve his skills as an interviewer for the Trojan Tribune and help people around the school by giving them a voice.

Cameryn Schisler

Cameryn Schisler (she/her) is a 17-year-old senior at Petaluma High School and this is her fourth year on the Trojan Tribune Staff. She began her freshman year of journalism online yet it has gotten progressively better and quickly became one of her favorite classes. Schisler enjoys writing for the school newspaper but editing was definitely her favorite part of the class and the part she most enjoys to this day.  Outside of journalism, Schisler has taken nine Honors and AP classes in her four years at PHS. In her free time, she enjoys reading, writing, swimming and spending time with loved ones. Schisler cannot wait to spend her fourth and final year in the Tribune family and hopes to have a great 2023-2024 school year. 

Avalon Siebold

Avalon Siebold (she/her), 14, is starting off her high school career as a member of the journalism staff. She is very excited to begin learning about journalism and working on the Trojan Tribune. Siebold hopes that by contributing to the Trojan Tribune, they will be able to inform people about what's happening in the Petaluma High School community. Besides school, you can usually find her at the dance studio, studying, listening to music in her bedroom or hanging out with friends in Downtown Petaluma. During breaks from school, Siebold frequently enjoys traveling the world and believes it gives her the opportunity to become more informed about current worldwide events. She also hopes journalism will allow her to pursue her interests in photography and graphic design. Siebold can’t wait to work on the paper and make connections with her fellow classmates.

Gracie Sullivan

Gracie Sullivan (she/her) is a first-year journalism student in freshman year and is very excited to be a part of the staff. She has always wanted to do something involving writing in her life and this is her opportunity to learn. After school, you can find her roaming downtown finding something yummy to eat or at the ice rink skating like there is no tomorrow. On weekends, she loves to spend time with friends and watch Gilmore Girls with her dog by her side. During breaks from school, she enjoys traveling the coast of California with her family and friends. She believes her passion for writing will take her places someday and she hopes to make a career out of it. She hopes that journalism will help her pursue her dream of writing in real-world situations along with helping her learn more about photography and photographic design. She is more than excited to meet, connect and work with other teens with the same hopes and desires that she has.

Maya Walter

Senior Maya Walter (she/her) has returned for her final year of journalism as Editor-in-Chief. She is incredibly excited to lead the staff of the Trojan Tribune this year. Walter is very passionate about the paper and hopes to help create a new generation of journalists. She has taken the class all four years of high school and has come to love all kinds of news writing as well as graphic design.  Some of her other interests include marine biology and the ocean, being in nature, listening to music, concerts and hanging out with friends (and her two dogs). She can typically be found driving everyone everywhere while blasting music with the window down. Walter is also a two-year  member of Link Crew and wants to be a positive role model on campus. This year, Walter hopes to be a good leader and keep the love for journalism alive. Overall, she can not wait to work with her new staff and put out a high quality paper. 

Taylor Yount

Taylor Yount (she/her), a Petaluma High School senior, is currently enrolled in her first year of Journalism. So far she has become a page editor for the Trojan Tribune. Yount is also a member of the FFA program and has taken several AP classes. Some of her hobbies include showing horses and steers, spending time with her friends and family and being a board member of Petaluma Junior Riding Club. Although this is her first year of Journalism, she is very excited to learn and grow.