Trojan Triviewed: Golf Cart Edition

by Teresa Solorio (she/her)

Golf carts were first invented in 1935 in Clearwater, Florida. Lyman Beecher, an electrical engineer, put together a non-motorized cart that required two men to pull it. Beecher needed assistance during his golf sessions because of his arthritis, so he needed invented the golf carts as a way to get around easier.

Today these marvelous vehicles have traveled much further than Florida, even further than the country, and are used all around the world. Petaluma High School reserves a special place for golf carts here on campus thanks to custodian crew leader Mario Medeiros. The cart proves to be a fundamental element of his job. Golf carts on campus are something that help all custodians to make their job faster and more effective.

Medeiros said, “Golf carts make it a lot quicker to move trash around. It would take ten times longer to do it without them.”

He also “shouts out” the students who eat lunch by the trees and benches near the PE entrance. If this is you, please pick up after yourself as you make Medeiros’s job a lot harder by leaving your trash on campus.

Additionally, golf carts are commonly used in estates throughout America, and makes transportation easier and less costly. Not to mention, golf carts are cute and fun to drive around regardless of your age. I thank golf carts for helping our community and our campus. I give golf carts four and a half Trojans.