Review: Acme Burger

by Noah O'Sullivan (he/him)

Petaluma is now the location of the third Acme Burger restaurant, a 90’s themed, locally owned and operated burger joint exclusive to Sonoma County.

When I arrived at Acme Burger, it was packed with people and I could smell the aroma of fries and freshly-made burgers. When I ordered my meal, the workers were polite and quick. I ordered an Acme Burger with lettuce, tomatoes, American cheese and onion rings instead of onions. For my drink I chose their homemade lemonade. It took about 10 minutes for my burger to be ready, while the drinks were self-serve.

The burger itself was good. When I took my first bite, I instantly thought it tasted like In-N-Out because they added their signature “awesome sauce” which is really just a thousand island-style dressing made with mayonnaise and ketchup as well as some other ingredients.

I didn’t think so highly of my lemonade. Some like it sour, but for me I prefer my lemonade to be sweet. Acme’s lemonade was sort of tart, refreshing and had little pulp in it. It was alright.

Acme Burger is the perfect place to go on a sunny day. It has pretty affordable prices and fresh lemonade and burgers alongside the retro vibe. My overall rating is an 8 out of 10, would try again.