The Swift Generation

by Emily Lara (she/her)

Taylor Swift has been a pop culture icon for many years and is well known for her multifaceted career. From being known as the singer interrupted by Kanye West to becoming one of the most popular female artists of this generation, Taylor Swift has influenced countless fans, spoken up about important issues and become a significant voice in American society.

Swift recently began re-recording her albums after her previous manager Scooter took all the rights to her music. By doing this, she took her situation and turned it into something powerful. So far, Taylor has re-recorded her albums “Red” and “Fearless.”

She is fairly popular among our generation, even worldwide, because her music is relatable, catchy, and meaningful. She is very dedicated to her work and despite all the challenges she has dealt with, she has overcome them and kept going. She has broken Spotify records over and over again, and her albums are always trending across multiple platforms.

Most of Swift's fan base is made up of teenagers who connect to her music´s message, one of whom is senior, Olivia Lillig. “I think that many people like Taylor because she took back her power, and she took a terrible situation and was able to make her own money off it, which was well earned,” Lillig said.

Swift recently released her new album, “Midnights,” and many fans, including myself, are raving. “Lavender Haze” is a song on “Midnights” that is quite catchy. Additionally, Taylor Swift collaborated with Lana Del Rey for the song “Snow on the Beach.” However, Lana Del Rey was only singing background vocals, which was slightly disappointing to many expecting to hear more of both Taylor and Lana singing together.