PAC Invites Students to Paint Bus Stops

by Cameryn Schisler (she/her)

Student artists were invited to create murals on bus shelters around the city by the Petaluma Art Center (PAC) starting in March 2022. These murals aim to address and spread awareness regarding climate change.

Students were able to make submissions through a Petaluma City Schools Google Form. One of the submissions was made by Petaluma High School sophomore Lucas Donahue. Although this is considered volunteer work, it can be somewhat of a challenge to pay for all of the materials needed to create a mural. Donahue said, “If someone could pay for supplies that’s all that’s important.”

The City of Petaluma received several grants in order to fund the supplies and stipend for the artists for these projects. Rhianna Frank, a member of the committee, said, “I wanted the contest to be an art contest because successful campaigns incorporate art as an avenue to raise awareness and this was an excellent opportunity to also bring beauty to our bus shelters to further encourage people to use them instead of their single occupancy vehicles.”

Students have not yet been notified and no locations have been painted so far.