New Clubs on Campus

BIPOC Builds Community

by Opal Guerrero (she/her) and Remy Lakritz (she/her)

Petaluma High School’s Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) Club provides people of color with a safe space to learn about different cultures, open up about their own experiences and meet others with different heritages. The BIPOC club was introduced this year by juniors Jaden Gregorio, president, and Maya Cramer, vice president.

Gregorio said that his goals for the BIPOC Club are to build a community where students feel comfortable, can make cultural connections and be further educated on race and culture. “Another goal of ours is education of race and culture, because in our club we’ve done one serious discussion so far,” Gregorio said. “ I think people are finally realizing that these are genuine problems that BIPOC people face, and that people are willing to come to the club and educate themselves and realize that they can support BIPOC.”

According to Cramer, the main goal of the club is to bring attention to racism in schools and in society, and educate those on what they can do to support BIPOC students. “The club’s about building community and supporting each other, lifting each other up, and being more open minded and thoughtful of others.”

The BIPOC club is a space for people to open up about their experiences with racism while staying anonymous with absolute certainty that the information they shared will never spread.

Disclaimer: Jaden Gregorio and Maya Cramer are staff writers for the Trojan Tribune.

Cookie Fanatics Team Up for Crumbl Taste Tests on Campus

by Carson Delarosa (he/him)

The Crumbl Club, named after the Crumbl cookie brand, is new to Petaluma High School this year and provides an exciting space and environment on campus. Reilly Kreutz, the president of Crumbl Club, started it to create “a club that was more like a fun activity.” She was focused on establishing a club where students did not have to worry about community service hours. They meet every A-Day Friday in A3.

Being a new association on campus can be overwhelming for students to advertise their own group, especially among all the other clubs at Club Rush, which are mostly pre-established. Kreutz said, “I honestly thought that the whole event was just really fun and a great way to get kids involved with the school…I thought it was a really welcoming environment.”

The Crumbl Club is, of course, centered around the popular cookie brand, and the members take part in a “taste test” of the new flavors during meetings and rank them. They also create a video everytime they meet to promote the brand and to talk about their favorite cookies. The local Crumbl store is even in contact with Kreutz and actively supports the club by giving them free cookies and merchandise.

The club uses the hashtags #CrumblPetaluma and #Crumbltastetest on their Instagram account, @crumblclubphs, where people can go to see the various taste tests and promotion videos.

PHS Flash Mob to Break Out in Dance Soon

by JJ Grant (he/him)

The flash mob club is new to Petaluma High School this year, started by freshman Lydia Louievere and advised by Hilary Smith and Sara Maya, English teachers. Louviere was inspired to start and lead the Flash Mob Club because of her own involvement in theater outside of school. She wanted “to get something related to the art of musical theater going at Petaluma High School,” she said.

The club has yet to host an active flash mob, which is a group of people who assemble suddenly in a public plac, and perform for a brief time, often for the purposes of entertainment. According to what Louviere said, she plans to “flash mob with her club downtown and maybe even in the quad at some point soon.” If you are a PHS student interested in joining the Flash Mob Club, email Lydia Louviere at, or show up and meet the Flash Mob Club in the gym or C-17 on Mondays and Wednesdays. Be sure to keep a look out for your fellow Trojans breaking into song and dance somewhere near you quite soon.

Creative Minded Students Get Crafty at PHS

by Izzy Noble (he/him)

Petaluma High School has a wide variety of new clubs this year, including the Crafts and Arts Club. They meet every Wednesday in room E-7 at lunch and welcome everyone.

Club president Petra Mozersky, sophomore, says no artistic skill is required, as there are projects for all skill levels. Mozersky and vice president Tori Deaver, sophomore, try to develop new projects each week. If club members would not like to work on the variety of provided projects, students may bring a personal project to work on. So far, they have done jewelry making, origami and pumpkin paintings for Halloween, with many more activities to come.

Mozersky is a new student at PHS this year and she started this club hoping to find people with similar interests. She hopes she can make the Crafts and Arts Club a place where everyone can be included and participate in whatever projects they would like.

Interested students are invited to come every week or pop in when they can.

Disclaimer: Petra Mozersky is a staff writer for the Trojan Tribune.

New Filmtastic Fridays Reach E-Wing

by Miriam Norwitz (she/her)

If you are someone who enjoys watching and discussing movies, the Friday Film Club might be the place for you. The club was created this year by junior Vanessa Bowles and meets every Friday at lunch in E-5.

Bowles started this club because she is “really passionate about film and wants to be a filmmaker and director,” she said.

Every Wednesday, Bowles posts a poll on the club's Instagram, @fridayfilmclubphs, to see which movie people want to watch. This lets everyone know the decision on Thursday for their meeting the next day. Bowles is also considering changing the meeting on the first Friday of every month to a movie discussion instead of a viewing.

There are typically around 25-30 people in every meeting and the club has already seen movies such as “Fantastic Mr. Fox” and “Coraline.” If you are interested in joining the Friday Film Club, simply walk into one of the meetings or you can contact Bowles at with further questions.