Homecoming 2022

by Teresa Solorio (she/her)

Homecoming has long been a college and high school tradition that gives students a sense of school spirit to kick off the school year while also celebrating alumni. At Petaluma High, it begins with a spirit week. This year the themes were country versus country club, tacky tourist, New York fashion week, senior citizen and class colors, leading into a football game and ending with a memorable Homecoming dance. This year, Petaluma faced Justin Sienna for Homecoming, taking the win in both JV and varsity football. The homecoming theme this year was “Party in the USA.”

Homecoming Rallies Raise School Spirit

by Petra Mozersky (she/her)

The Homecoming rallies on Sept. 16 raised school spirit and reminded students of the excitement of Homecoming traditions. Memorable highlights of the rallies included announcing the Homecoming court nominees and cheering on the Trojans in class versus class tug-of-war, with surprise victories by the freshmen in both rallies, and the staff versus Homecoming nominees hopscotch game.

ASB president Ava Staub, senior, stated that she has always looked forward to the Homecoming rallies because of the excitement of the new school year, and because of the traditional events that make the rallies exciting.

“I think that rallies are the most fun when you participate. I know it’s a little bit awkward to be sitting there and screaming and yelling and all that stuff, but when everyone does their own little part to participate, the rallies are ten times more fun,” Staub said.

Freshman Homecoming

by Opal Guerrero (she/her)

For freshmen, Homecoming marks the beginning of high school and the first of many memories to be made.

Going into Homecoming week as a freshman was a brand new experience. Many freshmen, including myself, were unsure of what to expect during the entire week of Homecoming as it's unlike something we had ever experienced before.

The excitement built as the week went by, as the Homecoming rally, parade, football game and the day of the dance approached. Students spend many weeks with their peers, constructing the floats and decorating them to make them the best they can possibly be.

There were many thrilling components to homecoming. However, the part that was most highly anticipated for was the arrival, when my friends and I met up, and I waited to see them dressed up in suits and ties and colorful dresses.

Homecoming as a Senior

by Katie Hale (she/her)

Homecoming week as a senior was very bittersweet. Because it’s my last year, I focused on appreciating my final chance to be involved as a student rather than a spectator.

Homecoming traditions have brought my class together through the years and knowing it was our last rodeo, I tried my best to lock the passing moments in my memory. As we bonded over our shared competitiveness while constructing our float, watched staff skip across the basketball court at the rally, stood at the football game decorated in patriotic accessories, and watched parents scramble to get photos from every angle before the dance, I valued more than ever the quality time spent with my peers.

All students have their own individual lives, but something about Homecoming festivities makes us feel like a family. Years from now, the memories I’ve made with my class during Homecoming will always stand out to me the most.

Homecoming Floats: Party in the USA

by Kieran Mannion (he/him)

In true Mardi Gras fashion, the Class of 2023 brought the party to PHS with their winning Homecoming float. Following the “Party in the USA” theme, the senior’s Lousiana-themed float featured music, beignets, and even some groovy gators.

The juniors took second place with their New York float, while FFA, the only non-grade level participants, were solidly in third representing Hawaii. Rounding out the parade were the sophomores with Nevada and the freshmen with Florida.

With less than a month to plan and prepare for the float, senior Homecoming activities director Kenna Lowry said that the float-making day, Sept. 23, made all the stress worth it. “Seeing out float come together was very rewarding,” said Lowry, “but hearing our name announced at the halftime show was the cherry on top.”

Each class picked their states with specific cities in mind. Louisiana is the home of Mardi Gras and a party environment; the juniors’ float was about the stardom and big city appeal that is New York City. On the other side of the country, the sophomores had endless opportunities with their Las Vegas-themed float. The freshmen had all sorts of directions to go in with their state of Florida, ultimately deciding on a beach theme. Continuing the sand and surf, the FFA float was Hawaii, with palm trees all over.