Fashion: Fall in Love with Fall Fits

by Remy Lakritz (she/her)

Temperatures are finally starting to cool down and students on Petaluma High School’s campus have begun wearing more layers and thicker clothing to stay warm. This year, many students have taken their fall outfit inspiration from social media or tv shows such as “Gilmore Girls,” where the character Rory Gilmore can be found wearing things like knitted sweaters and earth toned clothes.

A popular outfit often seen around campus consists of warm toned sweaters paired with jeans and black converse. Another trendy but less warm fit includes an oversized shirt matched with a pair of baggy jeans. Alternatively, zip-up sweaters paired with Dr. Marten boots and jewelry, such as silver chained necklaces and silver rings have become very prominent in today’s fashion world. Claw clips have also made a significant comeback in hairstyles perfect for all weather conditions, to keep their hair up and out of the face or just as a stylish accessory.

The fall season brings colder weather, providing Georgiana Morris, senior, with an excuse to wear her favorite clothes. “I like to wear knit sweaters, jeans and comfy socks and shoes,” Morris said. Even though these clothes are practical for the cold, they are also stylish and fun to wear.

Many people prefer the fall season because they get to wear comfortable clothes while looking stylish without putting in too much effort. Fall is the perfect time to experiment with different outfits and color schemes that people would typically not wear during other seasons.