Local Coffee

by Teresa Solorio (she/her)

Avid Coffee was established in 2011, though you may know it by its previous name, Acre. The question is: is Avid Coffee too hyped up? Walking into the shop, there is a business-casual theme throughout the customers. There are college students, business partners, and important meetings taking place.

When I went to Avid at the prime time of 10:30 a.m, it was packed. I ordered a pumpkin spice latte and it cost me $5.95 - a pretty standard price. I was disappointed with the latte and thought the flavors were lacking. It lacked the expected pumpkin flavor and the actual coffee flavor was off as well. Overall, it was weak coffee and I could not help but feel like I overpaid for something that was not worth my money.

This brought into question the shop's reputation. What type of coffee shop can not make a decent pumpkin spice latte? However, the experience inside the actual coffee shop and the shop’s environment was great. It seemed like a perfect and peaceful place to study. I recommend going there, maybe during the spring when they are no longer serving pumpkin drinks, or getting a pastry as they are much better than the coffees. I give it 2.5 stars. Avid Coffee is the perfect coffee shop to get work done, with the one simple flaw of having a bad pumpkin spice latte.