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Teachers with young kids: Mr. Granados


by Cameryn Schisler

With the COVID-19 pandemic still greatly affecting the United States, many schools have moved education away from the classroom and transferred to online learning, which has come with its own set of difficulties. Among those challenges are teachers who have young children at home, who are needing to find a balance between home-life and teacher-life.

Brian Granados, Petaluma High School history teacher, said, “Honestly, I do as much as I can as far as helping out with school. The reality is that their mother helps, they prefer to work with her.” His wife, who is a teacher at Mark West Elementary School, recently had their fourth child and is currently out on maternity leave, which gives her the opportunity to help their children at home. “I wanna say I appreciate all the effort of teachers to try to make the best out of this situation,” Granados said.

Teachers who teach from home with little kids face their own unique set of complications, but many teachers are finding ways to make it work.

Granados's four kids pose for a picture, happy that they are no burden to their hardworking father.

photo courtesy of Brian Granados