Students of the Month 2020-2021

January 2021

Shayla Woelfel

What a well earned honor for Shayla! It is noteworthy that her pleasant attitude and diligent academic behaviors have persisted through the struggles of distance learning. Last year, Shayla consistently made a positive contribution to the social climate of class and she has continued to do so this year as a TA over Zoom. As a teacher, I appreciate how adept she is at quietly taking in her surroundings and thinking about others’ ideas or opinions to help formulate or set her own ideas - she is thoughtful and eager to learn. I expect that Shayla will carry these traits into her future academic and personal endeavors. Congratulations, Shayla!

- Heather Archibald, Psychology and English

Jack Santos

December 2020

Annica Ford

"Annica Ford came with some trepidation to honors chemistry but like a true trojan she put her best effort forward and worked hard to master the class. With each test score that she did not like she spent extra time working with me at tutorial or lunch to clarify what needed to be learned. She made sure she was prepared in advance so she could ask questions as well."

- Lee Boyes, Science

Matthew Candau

It is no surprise that Matthew Candau was chosen to be honored by our faculty as the Student of the Month. Matthew truly enjoys learning new things. Last year I often saw Matthew working on Membean during our break time just for fun. He told me that he likes learning new words and about their origins.

Matthew works extremely well with his classmates and is a natural teacher. His in-depth understanding of tough concepts allows him to easily break problems down for other people. His quiet, calm manner makes him very approachable which is probably why he is the most sought after student by his classmates when they need help. They also like working with him because he is such a kind person. As a teacher, I appreciated that he always contributed to class and was honest in his work and thanked me after each class. Matthew always does his best work and is a role model for his fellow students.

- Lillian Granger, Math

November 2020

Kassandra De Anda

"Kassandra is a true Trojan because one can always find her with a smile on her face. Her positive energy is contagious. She tackles any challenge with an "I can do it!" attitude. It is a privilege to know her and we are lucky to have her at PHS."

- Sarah Greeson, English

Fabian Romo

"Fabian's a dedicated and thorough worker with the soul of an artist (his presentations in MarS and the Museum are beautiful). He is always looking for ways to help or contribute in class, is an excellent team-player, and has a wicked-funny sense of humor to boot. The young man is a joy to work with!"

-Phil Tacata, Science

October 2020

Logan Pomi

"Logan is one of the hardest working, most determined students I have ever had the opportunity to work with. She does a wonderful job managing her time with regard to the many school and community related commitments. If Logan says she will do something, she will absolutely do it and do it well. She values her education and does her very best to excel in the courses she takes. It has been wonderful to watch her achieve at the highest levels in her academics, sports and FFA."

- Kim Arntz, Agriculture

Enrique Alverde

"What makes Enrique deserving of the student of the month? His passionate inquisitiveness! He loves to learn, ask questions, and have deep discussions about the topics he is studying. His willingness to look past the standard 'pat answer', and actually question the 'why' makes him a standout - and pushes teachers to continue to learn. He is kind, caring, and compassionate to others, and finally, his willingness to participate whole-heartedly in class makes it fun to be in 3* every A-Day!"

- Kerry Lowell, Business

September 2020

Paul Leoni

"Paul Leoni has everything you look for in a Student of the Month. He is a caring individual with a sharp mind and tremendous work ethic who exudes happiness. I looked forward to seeing him in class because he always greeted me with a big smile and asked how I was doing. He was attentive during class and asked questions when he was confused. Paul is a natural class leader. His outgoing nature makes everyone around him feel comfortable. Last year I was worried about one of my freshman Algebra students so I asked Paul if he could share some of his organization skills with him. Paul enthusiastically agreed. Paul was not the student's official Link Crew Partner, yet Paul had the presence to invite that person as well. The two upperclassmen helped my freshman get organized and stay on top of his work. Paul even texted him nightly for the first week to check that he had written down his assignments for the day. When faced with setbacks, personal or academic, Paul comes right back working harder to overcome the obstacles in front of him. He is very deserving of this honor!"

- Lillian Granger, Math

Fernanda Vasquez Sanchez

"Fernanda is the most upbeat student I have met in my 43 years. Last spring she was tasked with helping out her younger siblings at home during distance learning while working on her own academically challenging schedule. She did it with a smile and frequent requests for things to share with the siblings such as home labs or answers to science questions.

Each day she would come early to zoom and tell me stories of what she had taught her siblings the day before! On top of that she LOVES astronomy and hopes to be an astronaut someday so we tried to tie all things chemistry to astronomy.

NOW, whenever I receive notice of a webinar where astro science is happening I send it to her AND SHE GOES!! So impressive since I am so zoomed out I cannot attend one more thing. She is enthusiastic, hard working and ambitious."

-Lee Boyes, Science