Mia Harris 

Mia Harris, sophomore, is a returning member of the Trojan Tribune staff for the 2019-2020 school year . She is looking forward to continuing her growth as a journalist over the course of the year. She loves writing and researching, and is looking forward to seeing her stories published in the paper. Harris is 16-years-old, and this is her second time writing for the Trojan Tribune, and she plans to continue to write for the paper every year. During her free time, you can often find Harris listening to music, hanging out with friends, watching movies, drawing or walking around downtown. Harris enjoys her science and math classes and is hoping to pursue a career in those fields. She is looking forward to working with the new members of the class and cannot wait to show them everything that is amazing about journalism. Overall, Harris has high hopes for the school year and cannot wait to work with the class newcomers and continue to improve her personal writing!

Vivian Schafbuch

Vivian Schafbuch is a sixteen-year-old junior, and this is her second year in journalism. She is more than excited to be returning to the Trojan Tribune Team. Vivian is also the vice president of the drama club and has attended the Leanea Theater Festival each year of her high school career. Vivian has a strong work ethic and loves working in this productive environment, and is looking forward to furthering her journalism skills. She joined journalism in order to express her opinion and to inform Petaluma High of what is happening not only in our school community but in the world around us. Vivian enjoys the community of the journalism class and having a tangible, finished product to show her work from. She is proud of what the class is able to put out and is very glad to come back. Vivian is obsessed with cinema and everything around it and enjoys writing both opinions and features on these topics. You can frequently see Vivian obsessing over Timothèe Chalamet or giving someone a movie recommendation, even if they didn't ask for one.

16-year old Maddie Peachey is a junior at Petaluma High School and this is her third year in journalism class. Her hobbies include playing tennis, hanging out with friends and watching netflix shows such as, Grey’s Anatomy, Big Mouth and H2o:Just Add Water.. Peachey joined journalism because she likes to write and stay updated on news stories. She is excited to be in this class for the third year because she loves being a part of a team and producing an amazing end product. This year she is looking forward to making more pages and writing exciting stories. She is hoping to bring positivity and good vibes to everyone in this class as well as hard work! She is looking forward to applying the skills and techniques she learned last year to this years paper.

Maddie Peachey

Wyatt Davis

Wyatt Davis, fifteen year old sophomore at Petaluma High School, is excited to be a part of Journalism for his first year.. His hobbies include seemingly endless amounts of baseball and working out. Wyatt joined journalism because of his aptitude for writing and because his friends also share the same interest. This year Wyatt will contribute to the paper with his hard work and helpful nature. He is willing to provide help wherever help is needed. Wyatt thinks the Trojan Tribune can be the most successful paper PHS has ever seen. He hopes everyone will be able to work together throughout the year and that we will impress our readers with our work. Wyatt is looking forward to learning more about writing and about how a newspaper is run. He also is looking forward to learning from the returning journalists. Wyatt believes his work ethic and willingness to help will benefit The Trojan Tribune in a very positive way. 

McKenna Hogya is a 16-year-old junior at Petaluma High School and this is her first year in journalism. Her hobbies include hanging out with friends and family. McKenna joined journalism to improve her writing skills and to express her love for writing and she wants to contribute all her ideas and hard work to help improve the paper. She hopes to develop a greater understanding for journalism and is looking forward to learning everything that journalism  has to offer. She thinks she can bring her opinions and writing skillsto the Trojan Tribune. 

Mckenna Hogya

David Wood

David Wood is a 15-year old sophomore at Petaluma High School and this is his first year in journalism. David enjoys playing football and baseball. He also likes hanging out with his friends and traveling around the world. David joined journalism to be more involved with the school and be a part of the Trojan Tribune. He can contribute his knowledge with sports and photography skills. He would like to see this class grow as a team and come together to make a wonderful newspaper. David is looking forward to making new friends and working as a team of journalists. David can bring a positive attitude and lots of sports knowledge to the table. 

Emily Lara

Emily Lara is a 13-year-old freshman. This is her first year on the staff. She joined journalism because she enjoys writing. She looks forward to writing and expanding her writing and editing skills. In her free time, Lara enjoys watching shows such as Grey’s Anatomy and Once Upon A Time. She moved to Petaluma from Santa Rosa when she was in the 3rd grade. Lara’s hopes and aspirations for this class is to meet new people as the year goes on. Another of her aspirations for this class is to work very hard in class and keep a good class reputation . Emily feels that she can bring some good ideas and her enthusiasm to the class. 

Gustavo Arechiga

Gustavo Arechiga is a 14 year old freshman in Petaluma High School, working his first in the Trojan Tribune newspaper. The only hobbies that Gustavo has are gaming, such games as Super Smash Bros and Mario Cart, being a nintendo fan, but another hobby of his is art making  little graffiti doodles on either sticky notes or small pieces of paper. But Gustavo joined journalism in hopes to get better at photography and to possibly get better at writing; while contributing to write some stories for the school newspaper, and to possibly take any pictures needed for any stories. Which is what he believes he’d bring to the class, a photographer. Though an aspiration of Gustavo’s is attempting to achieve being a better photographer. One thing that Gustavo is looking forward to is getting the satisfactions of completed work whenever it’s turned in after a while of typing the story, and to have a good time working at the Trojan Tribune despite it may take a ton of hard work.

Ashley Taylor is a 14-year-old freshman who has always been very interested in journalism. She really enjoys writing in her free time and is very excited to get to know everybody in class and go through editing. Taylor has never been in any type of journalism class before. Some of her hobbies would be guitar and drawing. She has heard a lot of good things about this class and cannot wait to spend the school year on staff. Taylor hopes that by the end of the year, the whole class will be proud of everything they have published. She cannot wait to interview people. Taylor feels like she can be very dedicated to making the paper interesting and help bring it to its full potential.

Ashley Taylor

Alina Mitchell

Alina Mitchell is a 14-year-old freshman at Petaluma High School, this is her first year in Journalism writing for the Trojan Tribune. She wanted to join Journalism because she has loved writing since she was young. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with friends and family, painting and reading. She is looking forward to learning new techniques and skills that will be used in her writing throughout the year as well as meeting new people and making new friends as she continues to work hard for the class. 

Christian Karren is a 16-year-old junior starting his first year of journalism at Petaluma High School. In his free time, Christian spends time playing basketball and hanging out with friends or his little sister. Christian enjoys writing, not only as an academic pursuit, but as a hobby. Christian anticipates writing and editing articles in the 2019-2020 school year, and looks forward to the learning process that comes with the challenge and responsibility of the Trojan Tribune.

Christian Karren

Alexis De La Torre

   Alexis De La Torre is a cool 14-year-old freshman in his first year of Journalism at PHS. He is a part of the wrestling team, and also enjoys video games, chess, and gardening in a “totally moderately sized planting area.” He is known as Rhino in his Sinister Six cosplay group. He was president of the Chess Club at PJHS for two years and hopes to continue the club at PHS. He joined Journalism because of his interest in reporting about world affairs and sciences, and hopes to improve the class in any way he can. He is also hoping to improve his writing along the way. He feels like he brings a great attitude and view to the class and hopes he will make the Trojan Tribune a better place.

Desmond Ferrer

  Dez Ferrer is a 15-year-old sophomore, who picked journalism because he loves to write. Writing, next to music, is one of his favorite things. This is Ferrer’s first year on the staff. Ferrer’s liking for writing started in the 8th grade. His hobbies are listening to music, playing music, writing, and traveling. He likes to share opinions and ideas to people, but this is the first time he will be presenting these opinions to the public. He hopes he is able to create interesting stories and reports.

Jaqueline Mattox

Jacqueline Mattox is a 15-year-old sophomore at Petaluma High School. This is her first year in journalism and she is very excited to be a part of this program. Jacqueline plays basketball, volleyball and lacrosse for the high school teams and loves every minute of it. She enjoys writing and spending time t in nature in her free time. Jacqueline decided to join journalism because of her passion for writing, as well as capturing the daily events of things going on around her. She is hoping to write about the high school sports and edit papers to make them the best they can be. She is looking forward to providing a source of information for all the students at Petaluma High School while having a fun first year at the Trojan Tribune!

Dylan Schamach is a 14-year-old freshman at Petaluma High School. This is his first year on the newspaper staff.  Outside of school, Dylan enjoys taking dance classes, acting, going to concerts and hanging out with friends. He wanted to take journalism this year because it is unlike anything else. He hopes it can make his writing stronger and better. He is a very creative and hard working, and he wants to make this year the best year yet for the Trojan Tribune! He is excited to work on the Trojan Tribune, and hopes it can win more awards this year and become even bigger than just within our school. He is very creative and hopes he can write stories that people will read and enjoy. 

Dylan Schamach

Piper Loden

 Piper Loden is a sophomore at Petaluma High School,  looking forward to her first year of journalism. She is 15-years-old and excited to be a part of the Trojan Tribune. Her hobbies consist of learning to bake new treats, spending time with family and friends, creating endlessly long music playlists and enjoying time outdoors. She is also a very dedicated student and loves learning new things such as how to speak, write and read in Spanish. Loden joined journalism so that she could grow as a writer and learn more about the fantastic work that is involved in running a school newspaper. She will contribute to the Trojan Tribune by creating new and unique ideas, keeping a positive work ethic and collaborating with different groups of people. She hopes that in the future this class will continue to be the positive environment it already is for any students trying to get more involved. This year Loden cannot wait to work on her writing skills, study different subjects and come to appreciate the new and thrilling world of journalism! She will bring her creative mindset, unique outlook and cheerful energy to support the newspaper this year. Loden believes there will be many excellent opportunities for the Trojan Tribune this year. 

Sophia Ryan

Sophia Ryan is a 16- year- old junior at Petaluma High School. Sophia loves watching shows such as Grey’s Anatomy and Love Island, as well as playing tennis. She also loves to read up on the current events going on. This is her first year in journalism and she hopes to bring her creativity and enthusiasm to the team. Ryan joined journalism because she loves writing and being involved with activities around her campus. She hopes that she will gain more experience as the paper continues to grow. Ryan plans to bring her creativity and perspective to the paper and is excited to be involved in any way that she can. 

Isabella Daniele

Isabella Daniele is a 14-year-old freshman at Petaluma High School, making this her first year on staff. She is having fun playing for the freshman volleyball team this year and also enjoys hanging out with her friends. Daniele joined journalism because she has had a love of writing since the 3rd grade and loves to make people feel different emotions with stories. She wishes to bring determination, organization and a sense of fun to the journalism class. Isabella is most excited about being a writer for the Trojan Tribune and interviewing people for her writing. She hopes that eventually over this school year, the Trojan Tribune will win more awards, will become known past just the high school level and will continue to be enjoyed by many people. 

David Cook

David Cook, 15-year old,  is a sophomore who is taking his first year of journalism at Petaluma High School. He is thrilled to begin contributing to the Trojan Tribune this year. His passion is for baseball and basketball. He enjoys these two sports, and puts his energy into these two things, as well as his schooling. He joined journalism class because he enjoys writing and wants to do it more. He has a passion for writing and he thinks that he can use that passion to help benefit the Trojan Tribune. David hopes to take over the journalism class in the future and turn the Trojan Tribune into the clear best paper in town for years to come. He is looking forward to contributing his skills to the class and improving the newspaper for years to come.

William Cook

Liam Cook is a 15-year-old sophomore. He plays football and baseball. Liam joined journalism because he wants to share his knowledge to help write the Trojan Tribune. He hopes to write  in the sports section and take photos for the paper. He is looking forward to building new relationships with journalists and writing articles that will be read by eyes all over Petaluma High School. Liam thinks he will be able to bring a creative mind and extra knowledge to the class to help everything go as smoothly as possible. 

Miriam Norwitz

Miriam Norwitz is a 14-year-old freshman at Petaluma High School. This is her first year in journalism. Miriam has done ballet since she was six years old and she plans to get into a professional ballet company such as San Francisco Ballet and attend after highschool. In her free time (when she’s not at dance) she likes to hangout with friends, watch tv and play with her cats. Miriam joined journalism because she loves writing and photography. She has entered photography contests in fairs and even had a story published! She wants to improve her writing and editing skills. Miriam hopes to continue journalism throughout high school and hopefully become editor in chief. She looks forward to meeting new people and having her work shared with the school, Miriam is excited to be a part of the school newspaper. She can bring her good work ethic, passion for writing and editing skills and is looking forward to a great year in journalism! 

Sisi Nieuwboer-Bas

Sisi Nieuwboer-Bas is a first year journalist. She is a 15-year-old sophomore at Petaluma High School, and has always had an interest in writing. Sisi is a soccer playerd for North Coast Football Club, a local soccer club, and a wrestler for PHS. Sisi joined journalism because of her interest in writing and also because of her goal to get an internship for the New York Times. Her main reason for joining was to learn more about what a career in journalism would be like. Sisi hopes that this class will help her with her internship and possible career choices. She is especially looking forward to learning how the class works together to create the Trojan Tribune. Sisi is incredibly excited and enthusiastic about being able to participate in this class. 

This man you’re looking at is Sam Christmas who is a 17-year-oldsenior at Petaluma High School. This will be the first year he partakes in journalism. Sam Christmas likes to spend his free time in his room or with his good buddies loving life. He enjoys collecting clothing and doing trades with his friends from Sacramento at antique fairs. Chances are wherever Sam is he would rather be at Goodwill. Sam joined journalism because he liked the thought of people reading what he writes that he is passionate about He will enjoy putting time and effort into articles that the Trojan Tribune publishes, and journalism as a whole. Sam has not contributed much to the school in terms of spirit so this will be his positive contribution to the school. 

Sam Christmas

Haley Van Bebber

Haley Van Bebber is a 14 year old Freshman attending Petaluma High School. She is going into her first year of journalism in hopes to improve her writing and communication skills. She is excited to be joining the Trojan Tribune for the first time and would love to continue. Her life out of school consists of playing sports such as tennis and softball. In her free time she likes to hang out with friends, watch TV shows, and of course, write! She hopes to continue in journalism throughout highschool and become a chief and editor to help teach kids much like herself and help them find their love for writing. She took this class not just because of the writing but the interviewing and opportunity to be a part of a community. She hopes to meet new people, make some friends, and to be a part of Petaluma High School’s paper. 

Carson DeLaRosa

  Carson DeLaRosa is a 14-year-old Petaluma High School freshman in his first year with the Trojan Tribune. He loves to watch movies, read comic books, watch TV shows, sketch and make graffiti art. His art is a way of expressing himself and making Himself stand out. DeLaRosa’s love of comic books originates from his love of the Spider-Man movies when he was younger; he has followed the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies ever since. His favorite movies include Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, The Maze Runner, Avengers: Endgame and Halloween. In his spare time, he enjoys hanging out with friends downtown and having a good time. One thing DeLaRosa hopes to bring to the class is being a great photographer because he strives to be a photojournalist when he grows up. Carson had always had a hobby to take photos and document things around him. He is very excited to contribute his hobby of taking photos to the Trojan Tribune.

Lorelei Kriss

Lorelei Kriss is a 14-year-old sophomore at Petaluma High School. This is her first year in journalism. She hopes to use this class as an opportunity to get to know the school and its students, as this will also be her first full year as a Trojan. Lorelei has previous experience with school newspapers and online newsletters, and she looks forward to bringing her editing and crossword puzzle skills to the Trojan Tribune. She will also be contributing sarcastic comments and backseat typing. In her spare time, she enjoys watching horror films, listening to ‘80s music, rereading the same books and beating her friends in iMessage 8 Ball.  The picture above is not an accurate depiction of Lorelei, as she is only photogenic on her own terms.

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