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YouTubers to Watch During Quarantine

The shelter-in-place, which was enforced to prevent the spread of COVID-19, has left students adapting to life stuck at home. For many, that means finding new ways to entertain themselves to combat the boredom of life restrained to your domicile. For example, I have entertained myself by visiting the video streaming website YouTube.

One creator on the site that I frequently watch is Billiam. Billiam is a creator on the site that specializes in videos about nostalgic items and media from the 2000s, such as old telephones and video games. As of April 6, he has over 293,000 subscribers and offers a very unbiased review of the products. He is witty, entertaining and very creative.

Another creator that does not receive a lot of attention is Hotdiggetydemon. Max Gilardi, the creator of this channel, is a very talented cartoonist that hosts his own show called “Brain Dump,” which is about movie reviews, rants and more.

Through the dull time we spend indoors, it does not hurt to give smaller creators the attention they deserve.

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