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Whole Foods Arrest

On February 24, a male Whole Foods employee was arrested for videotaping two female coworkers in an employee restroom in Petaluma, Calif.

Kendall Hansen-Keys, the arrestee, had his cellphone set up in the employee bathroom in an attempt to record a coworker. Keys’ cell phone was found and identified as his. He admitted to the police that he did, in fact, make this unlawful attempt, and was arrested and put in jail at the Sonoma County Prison.

Whole Foods is a popular grocery store in Petaluma — many people, including Petaluma High School students, turn to this market for their daily necessities. Nicolette Foote, junior, is an avid Whole Foods shopper. She said, “I wouldn’t say that it is a scary moment [for Whole Foods shoppers], but it is definitely a reminder that there are people that do things out of our control… It does not affect how often I shop [at Whole Foods].”

Despite the recent arrest, Whole Foods will continue to be a top-tier market for Petalumans.


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