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Who is Guapely?

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Recently, a lesser-known rapper by the name of Guapely has made an appearance at multiple high schools in the Bay Area. Guapely, also known as Alexandro Lopez, is a 21-year-old rapper who grew up in Santa Rosa, California, and graduated from Santa Rosa High School. Guapely has grown in popularity over a period of seven years, and has over 18.5 thousand followers on Instagram and 12,078 monthly listeners on Spotify.

Many schools have guest speakers who visit and talk to students about topics involved in the curriculum; however, not many high schools have rappers come to their school and give a live performance. Guapely has been performing at schools such as Rancho Cotati, Casa Grande, Roseland University Prep and Sonoma Valley. He hopes to spread his strongly positive message of anti-bullying across the Bay Area through his performances. He also loves to hype up the teenage crowd and give out free merch and food such as pizza.

Michael Barnes’s interview in the Bohemian states that one of Guapely’s main influences as a child was Tupac Shakur. His best subject was always English and he wrote a lot of poetry before he started rapping and creating his own lyrics. He turned his poetry into his first rap song, which some may not know was recorded on a flip phone. In 2012, he released his debut CD while he was still a student at Santa Rosa High School, possible due to his stepfather buying him recording equipment after hearing the first song he made.

Guapely also organized a public art show in Santa Rosa to showcase local artists and bring awareness to the community’s creative artists. Guapley especially wants to support locally inspired minds through the pop-up show.

Through his music Guapely portrays the experiences of the 24 percent of Sonoma County who identify as Latino. According to Michael Barnes’s interview in the Bohemian, , Guapely said, “It's a challenge to reach the market I want to reach, Sonoma County is very strict about working with hip-hop artists who want to reach out to local schools. I feel like the city is fearful that hip-hop will bring a negative image to the community. But when you look at the artists in Santa Rosa, a lot of the rappers are speaking about positivity.”


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