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What is GQ?

Many people ask “What exactly is GQ?” No, it is not the magazine Gentlemen’s Quarterly, but instead the talent competition for Petaluma High School senior boys. The theme of GQ changes every year, and this year it is West Side Roundup, so be prepared for cowboy boots and Stetson hats.

Talents range from singing to eating a cheeseburger in the least amount of time possible. The show is hosted by another senior student, and is run by the PHS Associated Student Body (ASB). It is a charitable and family-friendly event, with proceeds funding the senior prom and senior class as a whole. It displays dancing, comedy and all-around talent for the audience to enjoy.

However, the show takes a lot of time and effort to put on. “The contestants need to work on their talents, their dance, and they need to go to rehearsals as well as their escorts for the show,” said Andrew Aja, ASB advisor at Petaluma High. The show needs to be smoothly run and takes hours of practice to perfect. “The students that run GQ have to choreograph the dance, design a program, design a ticket, get faculty members to be judges and promote the event,” Aja stated. Although the participants work hard to put on a good show on stage, ASB students work

behind the scenes to ensure everything runs smoothly. The ASB students that run the show must go to rehearsal multiple times a week to make sure that the group is getting their acts memorized and they must help choreograph the dance.

There are many challenges in putting on GQ; however, there are also some factors that make it easier. “I think that the boys get along pretty well, which makes them more cooperative and makes it better,” said Lauren Hazel, a senior ASB student who is running GQ alongside others.

Every year the participants and staff of GQ work hard to put together the best show they possibly can. According to many faculty members and contestants, this year will be a good show.

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