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What Happened To Monday: Review

“What Happened to Monday” is a 2017 sci-fi thriller available on Netflix. The movie takes place in 2073 and is about a future where having more than one child is illegal due to immense over-population. The action-adventure film encompasses the journey of six identical sisters figuring out what happened to their missing sister while hiding under a single identity.

Thriller movies are not my top choice of genre to watch, but if I were to give this movie a score I would rate it a solid 85%.

The aspect of the movie that I admired the most was the acting displayed in the film. The seven sisters, all played by Noomi Rapace, were able to show their many different personalities and react to each and every distressing affair while making the viewer fully enveloped in their emotions. Thinking of how the same actress acted out seven different parts in the same situation with different reactions was astounding.

Another detail that was fairly impressive to me was the special effects of this movie. Considering how graphic and vivid the movie is, the creators made each incident believable.

While this movie may not be in my top 5 list, “What Happened to Monday” still managed to leave me on the edge of my seat and, at times, wiping tears off my cheeks.

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