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Volleyball Improving Through Strong Bonds of Friendship.

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Petaluma High School’s volleyball team has had startling success in league play compared to last year’s season. The team has had its ups and downs over the years, and even in this season. “We are definitely a roller coaster team, but overall I think we have been playing very well,” said head coach Ryan Hughes.

The strong bond the players share has greatly contributed to their success because it is a driving force for them and they compete for the other people on the team. “Everyone is working harder for each other,” said captain Lilah Bacon, senior.

This strong bond has led to the team's ability to defeat tough opponents that they lost to in the past. Hughes believes that the team's supportive spirit and the seniors who keep them motivated in tough spots are driving forces behind their successes. Hughes said, “We are positive with each other and we are great teammates to each other... and we support each other.” The bonds the seniors share was formed through years of playing together and close friendships that keep them playing as a team.

While the team is doing well, they do have some issues that will need to be addressed in the future. A fast-approaching dilemma is that over half the team will be graduating in the spring, and only five players will be returning to varsity next year. Hughes is not concerned by this, however, because he believes the juniors on the team will be able to play at the varsity level of opposing schools.

Their success is also because of Hughes, who has been a good coach for them. Yet to add to next year’s dilemmas, he will be stepping down after this season due to a long commute. He sometimes spends up to three hours in a car in order to coach at PHS.

With the coach leaving and new players coming in, the team will be very young. Only four seniors and one returning junior will be on the team next year, and they will have to take up leadership roles on the young team. Anna Hospodar, junior said, “It’s gonna be a... big change... but I think it will be okay.” The confidence and bond of the team will hopefully be passed on to the younger players as the next season begins.


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