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Valentine's Day Over the Years

Many people see Valentine's Day as a holiday for celebrating the widespread human emotion and devotion to love; for the younger demographic, this day has revolved around receiving sweets. However, as we grow older, the excitement of the holiday festivities changes from a day children look forward to, to a day where pressure to be in a relationship outweighs the enjoyable aspects.

Looking back to elementary school, most of us thought that romance was the primary method of contracting the worst thing anyone could imagine at that age: cooties. It was a much simpler holiday when we were younger; we did not have to worry about having a significant other, or buying an expensive gift for that special someone. The experience of making the paper envelope alone was an event I hold high in my memories.

My fondest memories of elementary school came from Valentine’s Day and how much fun it was to hand out candy with little messages on every piece you gave out. I recall always decorating my valentines with my favorite pop culture icons such as Marvel comics and cartoons such as Adventure Time and The Amazing World of Gumball. As disassociated from Valentine’s Day as I was, I always drew little hearts on mine to be that much more festive. The tradition of making a paper envelope or decorating a baggy to receive these symbolic, edible items of love was almost a magical experience on its own.

When we transitioned to junior high, the traditions that we did every year for the holidays just disappeared. It was alien and strange to not celebrate these holidays in school anymore. Sure, people still celebrated Valentine's Day with friends or romantic interests in middle school but it felt pretty empty to not have class parties or to not have to worry about having alentines to hand out to all of my peers. This holiday has become more of a personal activity rather than a school associated event.

Now, in high school, most of us are okay with this change but the exciting memories from elementary school still resonate with me. Valentine’s Day in high school has been quite underwhelming compared to previous years but is still celebrated among students.


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