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Trojan Football Taking on New Teams

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

This year, when the Trojan football teams played outside the league, they played higher-level competition than in past years. This has led to a number of complications within the program, specifically on the junior varsity team. Some issues have been more serious than others, spanning from a losing record to a possible increase in injury.

Due to the Trojan football program electing to play these higher-level teams, they must travel further distances for games. Foothill High School, for instance, is almost an hour and a half drive away from Petaluma with no traffic. Parents made this drive, only to lose 59-0 and turn right around to head home. Traveling outside of the area for non-league games, on top of playing these harder teams, adds to the frustration that many football players and fans feel.

Playing these higher-level teams also increases the possibility of injury. Junior varsity sophomore Chris Peralta said, “The teams we are playing are definitely a lot tougher.” Even though Peralta is not on varsity, the size difference between the Trojan players and their new competition is noticeable. “It’s definitely a lot different,” said sophomore Anthony Chlebowski, junior varsity middle linebacker and running back. “A lot more people have been getting hurt this year.”The 2019 Trojans have not had an ideal start to their season. It has been riddled with injuries and losses. However, they hope to turn it around in the second half and finish strong.


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