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The Robotics Club

The Petaluma High School Robotics Club meets 2 times a week after school in F-9; members learn about robotic coding, learn how to build the robots and create designs for them for upcoming VEX Robotic competitions. At competitions, various schools participate to test the performance of different robots in a multitude of challenges.

The club mainly enters these competitions because it is a fun experience for them and they have the opportunity to work together as a team. They also get the opportunity to win prizes and scholarships. Club president and senior Trevor Piehl said, “The challenge is to agree on ideas and then build one robot that can accomplish several tasks.” 

The design of the team’s robot was based on what challenges and games the robots have to master/participate in. For example, the last season featured the game “Tower Takeover,” a game that consists of six towers and different colored blocks. As the club continues participating in more competitions, they are always looking for new members to join them; currently, there are four members in the club with two seniors who will be leaving at the end of the school year.


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