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The Return of the Grade-bump

Last year, the sophomore history class went through a few changes, when Advanced Placement (AP) World History became Honors World History, typically shortened to Honors World. Alongside the name change, the class also lost the grade bump it had as an AP class, despite the fact that most of the classwork remained exactly like that of years past. Students were disappointed to learn the class would be missing a grade bump, but many motivated students still signed up for the class. However, after an entire semester and two months of intense classwork, Honors World is receiving a grade bump. 

After recent revisions, the University of California and their High School Articulation team have decided that the class shows enough rigor and a high enough academic level to give students a grade bump. This makes Honors World one of the two honors classes on campus to offer a grade bump as an honors class, alongside Honors Chemistry. 

Several students in the class have felt stressed about the workload in the past and the grade bump is a welcome validation. Brooke Day, sophomore, said, “Personally I think it’s a good thing, it shows how difficult the class is for some people, and how much the workload can really be.” As a student in Honors World, Day knows how demanding and stressful an honors class can get. “I do think that this class deserves a grade bump...It does take a little bit of stress off.” 

Brian Granados, who teaches both regular world history and Honors World, said, “I think the workload...deserves a grade bump. But more importantly, the University of California thinks my students in this class deserve that grade bump.” Along with most of his students, Granados is pleased with the final outcome from the University of California. 

Overall, students are pleased with the grade bump that will be applied to both the current and prior semesters for the 2019-2020 school year.


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