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The New Shops In Petaluma

The new normal in Downtown Petaluma consists of empty storefronts slowly being occupied by new shops and restaurants. Several stores downtown have closed down or been bought out by other businesses due to high rent and the new minimum wage. These closures, however, have allowed new shops to quickly take over the downtown area.

Downtown is constantly full of residents and visitors, all of whom enjoy the many different varieties of shops. The unique shops consist of thrift stores, boutiques, restaurants and much more. Some of the newer stores include Wicked Slush, The Bagel Mill, Lemongrass and Sarah’s Eats & Sweets.

Once popular restaurants like Sauced have gone out of business due to high rent and loss of popularity. Other restaurants including Jenny Lows, Powell’s and Walnut Park Grill have been bought out and converted into different restaurants.

The residents of Petaluma have differing opinions on the new stores; while some are sad that their old favorites have gone out of business, others are welcoming the newbies with open arms. “One of the newer stores, Wicked Slush, has kinda had a negative and positive effect on Petaluma. It makes American Alley feel safer to walk down, but also makes it harder because there is always a huge line out the door and people always fill up the area,” said Ruby Paschoal, freshman, who frequently finds herself in the area.

All the various shops located Downtown are smaller local businesses that many people outside of Petaluma have not heard of. These shops are a large part of what makes this town original and local.

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