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The Importance of Exercise While in Quarantine

How are you spending your time in quarantine so far? Lounging around watching Netflix, eating snacks, maybe reading a book or two? It is okay if you have done all of these things, maybe a bit too much — I have, too.

Now, go back and think: Does the list of activities you just created include any form of exercise? If not, then your daily pattern of immobile activities has likely influenced negative or lethargic results, including mood swings, body image issues, laziness or even feeling sore from sitting too long. This is completely normal, but the best way to overcome these obstructive feelings is to get at least a small amount of exercise every day.

Even if you do not love to work out, it can be comforting to know that you do not have to be a star athlete or bodybuilder in order to feel good and be healthy. According to Mayo Clinic, exercise improves your mood, boosts energy and results in better sleep, among a long list of other benefits. These health benefits will, 100% guaranteed, make your time in quarantine at least a little bit less miserable, if not outright enjoyable.

Fortunately for us Petalumans, we are lucky enough to live in a beautiful town with nature around every corner. Although county, state and national parks are closed to the public, there are still beautiful paths for walking, running and hiking — one of my personal favorite areas being the meadow trails by the water tower near Petaluma High School. If you are not a part of a gym or exercise studio that is offering online classes, remember that you can always get out and exercise on your own with your favorite podcast or playlist. I find that going on runs or long walks through the Petaluma hills are some of the best ways to pass time. If you do not feel like leaving your house, find a YouTube video of exercises you can do from bed (yes, they exist!), your living room, garage or backyard. Besides, what better way to pass the time than getting in a quick workout?

No matter what form of exercise you choose to partake in, it is important to move your body in some way every single day. Find a yoga video online, take a walk around your neighborhood or run a couple miles — Next time you are questioning your sanity in quarantine, move your body! You will be giving yourself just the boost you need to get through your day and live a happier life in confinement.


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