• The Trojan Tribune Staff

The Hunt For Bay Area Geocaches

Stella Dowd, sophomore at Petaluma High School, has an uncommon hobby called geocaching, which others may not know about. Geocaching is an activity where people hunt for hidden objects called geocaches using GPS coordinates posted on the official geocaching website. There are hidden objects all over the world, ranging from small trinkets to cash. When you find the hidden object, there is a logbook that hunters sign so you can see the previous people that arrived. Currently, there are more than 3 million active geocaches hidden all over the world.

Dowd started her geocaching adventure at the age of 9 alongside members of her family. They first learned about geocaching from other people as well as the online community. Dowd and her brother were not overly excited to go on hikes at the time, so her parents decided to try geocaching as a way to keep them entertained. Dowd enjoys searching for geocaches in nearby places such as Sonoma, Marin and San Francisco. Her favorite finds while geocaching have been cash, a blue bowling pin and keychains. She continues to hunt for objects because she likes the challenge of searching for the containers in which the prizes are hidden.

Overall, geocaching is one of Dowd’s favorite traditions with her family. She recommends the activity to anyone looking for an adventure. Dowd stated, “It is really fun and a good way for people to get some fresh air while finding cool stuff.”  She enjoys geocaching and still has some of the treasures she has found while hunting. She has been a fan of geocaching for a long time, and continues to look forward to the adventures that these hunts will bring.


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