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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work for Petaluma Wrestling

The Petaluma High School wrestling team is progressing strongly through their season. They have been undefeated in league for three years, so the only things they have to beat are their own personal goals. The Trojans are working hard during practice, matches and tournaments to get to where they want to be by the end of the season.

Carlos Calito, senior, is a valuable athlete on the team. Being the only senior on the entire Petaluma wrestling team, he has to lead the team and make sure they are working hard enough to make it to the North Coast Section (NCS) playoffs by the end of the season. “The school wrestling team is undefeated, we are looking forward to keeping that streak throughout the year,” said Calito. He and the rest of the team are very proud of their accomplishments.

Captains of the girls’ section of the team Logan Pomi, junior, and Brooklyn Shattuck, junior, also have high hopes for their team. They owe their success to team chemistry and support. “We have the heart for it. We want to win and we want to succeed and we want everybody else on our team to do good,'' said Shattuck. When Shattuck hurt her shoulder this season, the team supported her recovery and she continued to attend tournaments in order to cheer on her teammates.

As a captain, Pomi believes it is her duty to help guide her teammates throughout the year. “Being a captain is knowing when you need to stand up and lead, and when you need to step back and let somebody else do the work,” said Pomi. The successful team owes their success to their tight-knit bond and strong relationships. “We all get along really well and we all kind of push each other during practices and cheer for each other at meets and tournaments,” said Shattuck.

Even with their continued success, wrestling is one of the more underrated sports at Petaluma High School. Calito and Pomi both believe advocating for the sport could help them gain leverage. And because Petaluma High School wrestling is co-ed,  Pomi wants to “advocate and explain to everyone that even though we are the girls’ wrestling team… we see each other as one team [with the boys].”

The wrestling team continues to work hard for upcoming competitions in order to reach their goals of going to playoffs. The team captains all have high hopes for their team, and they know that they can continue the Petaluma High School wrestling legacy with many victories to come.

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