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Staying in Shape for Sports During Quarantine

Recently, our lives seem to revolve around COVID-19 and quarantine, and many things have fallen to the backburner of our minds. One of those things that gets left out is often sports and overall fitness. The spring sports season at Petaluma High School was cut approximately four weeks short by COVID-19 as a shelter-in-place order was implemented in California on March 18, 2020. Thirty-five other states are also now under the same orders. Most club sports have also been shut down as a result. That leaves a lot of athletes without a way to keep up their skills and fitness. Still, there are many ways to stay active, practice and improve your skills even while stuck at home.

There are plenty of websites that have great information for sports practice when you are alone. All it takes is a quick search with some keywords. Try “practice for (insert sport here) when at home” or “drills for (sport).” YouTube has a wide variety of instructional videos and drills for whatever sport you may enjoy. There are many channels, videos and people to learn from at no cost.

Depending on the sport you play, there may be apps that can help give you drills and set a schedule for you. If there are no apps for your sport specifically, try a regular fitness app to at least keep in shape. Some of these apps might cost money, but there may be a few free gems. Some great workout apps to check out are PopSugar and 7 Minute Workout.


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