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Sol Food Arrival

After many rumors, it has been officially confirmed that the popular Puerto Rican restaurant Sol Food is coming to Petaluma. 

Sol Food is currently located in San Rafael and has been there for over a decade now. They are known best for their con mojo (fried plantains), sandwich bistec (steak and sautéed onions) and tembleque (creamy coconut pudding with mango sauce). Sol Food recently signed a lease on the Theatre Square space in Downtown Petaluma that was last rented by Sauced and has been empty for numerous months. Half of the space will be used for their restaurant, while the other half will be used for their catering business, which first started in the mid-2000s. 

“I am super excited for Sol Food to come to Petaluma, it is my favorite restaurant and all my friends love it,” said freshman Raime Dayton. 

The rumor of Sol Food has been around for a while now, and has kept many people waiting and on edge due to their excitement. Whether you have eaten there, heard about it or have no clue what it is, Sol Food is officially coming to town. There is no set date for when exactly they will start to remodel, move in and eventually open up, but it will come sooner than later.


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