• The Trojan Tribune Staff

Quarantined With Netflix

The days seem to blend together while being quarantined indoors; however, one way to pass the time is by binge-watching interesting television shows on Netflix.

One show that I have been enjoying is called Imposters. It focuses on the life of a con artist, Maddie, who marries different people then robs them of all their money. The people she robs then join forces to track her down which accidentally gets them stuck in difficult and life-threatening situations. This show is great for anyone who likes an entertaining thriller that is easy to follow.

Another show to add on your list is The Blacklist. The show follows Raymond Reddington, a criminal who has been wanted by the FBI for years. One day he decides to surrender himself and help catch criminals on the blacklist, but only with the exception that he works alongside a new agent named Elizabeth Keen. This show is good for any Netflix watcher that enjoys shows filled with crime and unexpected twists and turns in the storyline.

Both shows can help fill any extra free time while working at home because binge-watching Netflix is an entertaining way to pass the time indoors.


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