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Quarantine Crafts

Quarantine has been hard on everyone due to the inability to see friends and interact with others. Instead of being bored at home, or spending your time on electronics, a fun way to spice up your social distancing routine is to do some quarantine crafts! There are countless easy craft ideas that you can do from the safety of your home that are enjoyable for all ages. If you do not have all of the materials for the crafts, you can always order them from Amazon or use pick-up services offered by many local stores including Target and Michaels. 

Some good crafts that are fun and easy include friendship bracelets, sewing or embroidery, painting and drawing with chalk on your driveway or sidewalk. Friendship bracelets are an easy way to distract yourself from how slowly the time seems to be passing and are a cute gift you can give to your family or friends when you see them next. Sewing and knitting are versatile beginner crafts you can do; there are endless possibilities for what you can design and make while sewing. There are many tutorials on YouTube and Pinterest that can teach you how to do different patterns and designs. 

Another fun crafty activity is making  something called an aquarium jar. This could be a unique room decor piece or just something to do for enjoyment. For this craft, you get a mason jar or any reusable vessel and fill it with rocks, fake seaweed and sand, along with whatever else you would like to add in order to make your jar look like a little aquarium. Even though it is aimed at younger ages, teens can have fun with this as well and you can even build upon the concept and make a do-it-yourself (DIY) terrarium with succulents and shells.

Crafting is an expressive way to let the creative juices flow; while shelter-in-place orders may be increasing your anxiety or causing boredom, you may want to get innovative and design something new!      


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