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Pub Republic

Have you ever craved a juicy burger, a crisp salad, a crunchy taco or some seasoned fries? Well if you have, try out Pub Republic! Pub Republic is a family-friendly American restaurant located on Lakeville Highway that serves all the American classics and has a full bar (for those 21 and over). 

Pub Republic is a restaurant that offers a variety of food for a variety of prices. It is not a cheap place, but it is not too expensive either. Meals can range from roughly $13 to $30, and there is almost always a happy hour menu that offers many of their classics at a cheaper price. 

The rustic, yet modern vibe of the restaurant offers a sense of coziness. They also have a nice outdoor seating option that is great for warm weather. They have a full bar, family tables, two-person tables and high top tables to eat at. However, diners at the high top tables are the only people who get offered the happy hour specials, so if you wish to get this menu, simply ask to be seated at one. 

Pub Republic has a large menu, and everything on it is great, but I recommend the garlic truffle fries as a table sharing appetizer, with the caesar salad or a juicy Pub burger for the main course. If you are still hungry then their delicious bread pudding for dessert is the way to go. 

Their food arrives at your table promptly and warm. Always looking and tasting fresh, Pub Republic has easily earned a great reputation. When talking to other Pub Republic goers about the restaurant, they had many positive words to share. Marina Scanagatta, a fellow Pub Republic enthusiast, said, “I love Pub Republic because it is a restaurant that is accessible distance-wise, the atmosphere is calm and comfortable to relax and have a good time in.” 

Overall, if you are looking for an all-around American restaurant with delicious comfort food, Pub Republic is the place for you.


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