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Pi Day Overview

Most people know that March 14 is Pi Day, because the date, 3/14, correlates with the mathematical pi symbol, which is equal to approximately 3.14. March 14 is the day where math fanatics and teachers celebrate the endless number that helps calculate the diameter of a circle. 

Students also know it as the day they get pie in class.

Similar to Mole Day, a celebration of the number important in chemistry, teachers often have projects and even extra credit opportunities related to Pi Day. In honor of the holiday, Petaluma High School math teachers have decided upon a list of assignments to help students get into the Pi Day spirit. The list of assignments includes reciting a certain number of pi digits, making a poster or bringing a pie to class on Pi Day. 

While Pi Day in some schools might be optional, it has become an assignment for a lot of students at PHS. Jane Baldwin, math teacher at PHS, offers extra credit opportunities if students complete two of her assignments, but most students choose not to do it. She reported that “less than a fourth” of her students participate in Pi Day extra credit. Harry Van der Meer, sophomore, is one of the 75 percent who will probably not participate. He said, “If it seems like... easy work then yes but if it is... a lot of research then [I’m] definitely not going to do that.”

Despite there being little participation with the extra assignment, Baldwin believes people enjoy Pi Day, as there are pies to eat after all. 

Pi Day is not commonly celebrated outside of the classroom, but that does not stop some students from getting excited. Amelia Grevin, sophomore, loves the holiday. “My math teachers always make a big deal of it... sometimes we get a little celebration,” she said. 

Not all students seem to share the love of the math holiday. “I like [Pi Day] because I get extra credit,” said Haley Barry, sophomore. 

While student opinions on Pi Day can differ dramatically, the holiday is a fun opportunity to get ahead in your math classes or to just enjoy baked goods.

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