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Pi Day at Petaluma High

Pi Day is an exciting holiday for Petaluma High’s students and math department filled with lots of different treats brought for every math class. Many students made special pies and other treats to celebrate on March 12 and 13, since March 14 was the start of spring break. Some other food highlights from this year’s Pi Day were brownies, cupcakes, cookies and even pizzas. 

Math students worked especially hard on their pies to make the holiday fun and special this year. One student in particular, junior Tess Fleser, baked a gluten-free apple pie for her teacher Mr. Cox. She said, “Mr. Cox can’t eat gluten so I was worried he wouldn’t be able to have something for Pi Day.” 

While making the pie, she thought the hardest part was making the pie dough without the gluten because the dough had less elasticity. This obstacle made it challenging to put the dough into the pan without it falling apart. 

Popular flavors in most math classes were chocolate, pumpkin pie, berry and banana cream. A favorite in senior Natasha Gavriloff’s math class was triple berry pie made from blueberries, blackberries and raspberries. While many students participate in the Pi Day festivities for the extra credit opportunity, some students just enjoy bringing sensational pies to share with their classmates and teachers. 


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