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PHS Cafeteria

The cafeteria at Petaluma High School provides students with a plentiful amount of sustenance to carry them through their busy day. With alternating lunch choices and a wide variety of other snacks, the cafeteria has become a reliable food source for PHS students. Many students frequently eat lunch from the cafeteria, while others stop by to grab a snack at break or lunch. 

The cafeteria provides food for students that are not able to pack a lunch, students who forget their lunch or those who simply choose to eat school food. 

“Sometimes when I forget to bring lunch, I have money on my school account so I can always buy food from the cafeteria and they always have a pretty big selection. Also, since I'm not allowed off-campus and can’t buy food elsewhere, the cafeteria has me covered when I forget my lunch,” said Hannah Schott, freshman. 

The cafeteria offers different food choices every day and helps ensure that students eat at least one meal a day. According to The Lunch Mob, a lunch service for school and parents, “eating lunch at the same time every day can positively impact a student’s mood. Knowing that a hot, healthy lunch is on the horizon gives the student something to look forward to.”

The cafeteria is a large part of PHS, as it provides meals for students and staff members. Cafeterias allow students to spend more time with each other outside of class in a more relaxed environment and can help establish relationships between students.


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