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Petaluma Varsity Boys Basketball Newfound Success

Petaluma High School’s 2020 boys’ varsity basketball team has stepped up their game from last season. The team currently is tied for second place in the VVAL and has an overall record of 17-10, with a league record of 8-4. These improvements are due not only to the new coaches, but to the hard work and dedication of the players.

“There has definitely been a lot of improvement with the new coaches, the commitment that they put into practice every day, and them always being on us, helps the team a lot,” Esteban Bermudez, junior team captain, explained. The new coaches have motivated the boys to put everything they have into each game.

“Our coaching staff have helped us develop our motion offense which allows us to get points without having to go ico [a strategy of scoring by going one on one with your opponent)],” said junior Eric Perez.

Another factor that helped the boys improve is all the hard work they have put in. “One of the biggest factors that helped change the team this year would probably be all the work that we put in during the summer because I think everyone got a lot better. We made really big improvements on our defense,” Bermudez said.

Despite these improvements, there are struggles that the team faces on and off of the court. “Some challenges we have faced are definitely our communication on and off the court, and being together as one on the court,” Perez stated. The team is trying to overcome this challenge by having team dinners and communicating more on the court. Communication is very important in basketball because it is such a fast-paced game, and they hope that this team bonding will allow them to rise through the ranks in league.


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