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Petaluma High School Welcomes New Assistant Principal

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Petaluma High School Welcomes Erin Dinday With Open Arms

Erin Dinday has brought a change in leadership and administration at Petaluma High School this year, replacing Kelly O’Neil Kriss as one of the two assistant principals at the school. 

Dinday was an English teacher in Colusa County for 11 years and served as assistant principal at Martinez Junior High School, near Concord, California, for seven years.  Dinday is now working alongside Giovanni Napoli, who has been the assistant principal at PHS since 2016.  

The job of the assistant principal involves many important duties. "Whenever something big happens on campus, we're usually the one that has to work through and figure out what's going on," said Napoli. He also explained how assistant principals often act as a "liaison to teachers," there to answer questions about the curriculum or things happening on campus, or simply to offer support in the classroom. 

The position entails many different tasks beyond the list that Napoli offers, but Dinday is excited for the task and interested in meeting the students. “It's interesting because it's so early on. I haven't gotten to know the students very well, but I have to say it's a really enjoyable campus to work on. Students are very friendly and very kind,” she said.

Dinday grew up in Vallejo, California, but she does have distant family members in Petaluma, so the environment is not completely unfamiliar to her. However, it is still an adjustment. She noted that being in the high school atmosphere is refreshing as opposed to junior high, and she is beginning to settle in nicely to the new school. 

On similarities and differences between Martinez Junior High and PHS, Dinday said, “One similarity is that, in both communities, so many of the teachers were also graduates of the school in which they teach. It's always a great thing to have graduates come back to contribute to the school.” 

Dinday plans to help the students both academically and otherwise, but she also intends to help with general tasks around school. “I am looking forward to seeing examples of our students demonstrating our four core attributes, whether that be out and about on campus, in the classroom, or on the field or on the court,” she said.


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