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Petaluma High School Welcomes Foreign Exhange

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

2019-2020 Exchange Students have arrived

 Petaluma High School’s 2019-2020 school year brings foreign exchange students from all over the world and welcomes them to experience all that California has to offer. They have come from countries ranging everywhere from Spain to Germany.

The education system in other countries is very different from the education Americans receive. In foreign countries, students are taught British English, rather than American English and Americans are taught languages such as Spanish and French. In addition to teaching different languages than those taught in the United States, countries such as Germany require students to take six classes each day, rather than the usual three. Senior, Julian Marth, said, “In Germany, you have a class with one book and one folder for each class, so you have six books and folders. We also don’t have A and B days, we have six different classes a week, and everything is done on paper, not computers.” Although having access to chromebooks is a normalcy at PHS, foreign exchange students might not have the same opportunities in their respective countries.

Cultures and customs vary from country to country. Senior, Aicha Wiedswang, said, “I am looking forward to making more friends and celebrating Thanksgiving, Halloween, New Years and everything else. Also, traveling around the states and discovering the country while I am in America. I am also looking forward to spending more time outside and trying new things.” Many of the foreign exchange students are excited to explore beautiful places like San Francisco, the beach and New York. Petaluma is immensely different than the towns in most foreign countries because most towns abroad are more crowded and less spacious. Manuel Sauca Cadarso, junior, is still adjusting to the differences between his home city in Madrid and Petaluma. Manuel said, “In Spain, I live in Madrid, the capital, so I am used to crowded spaces, apartments and traveling by subway or bus. Petaluma is actually the opposite. All the houses are individual, and there is no subway so you need a car to go to most places.” The foreign exchange program gives Petaluma High students the opportunity to learn about other cultures and how day to day life differs in other countries.


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