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People and Their Pets

While in quarantine, freshman Simone Guthrie has been keeping herself busy taking care of her multitude of animals. She has around 40 in total: one horse; four goats; eight domestic cats; and approximately 30 feral cats and chickens.

Guthrie mentioned that her animals can be a little rebellious at times. “I left my room with my sandwich on my desk [and]my cat was not in the room. I come back, the sandwich is on the ground and my cat is in my room,” she said.

Her family feeds all the feral cats and they have set times throughout the day to feed them. “The time can vary but it’s usually around the same time [when] the animals start to get up,” Guthrie explained. The cats began coming to her house when someone in her house started feeding one. Ever since then, more and more feral cats have started coming around.

The family said that they have tried to spay and neuter all the cats that come by, but will definitely continue to feed them as long as they keep visiting.

Zoey Haines, sophomore, has too many animals to count. She has two dogs, a cat, a guinea pig, a rabbit, quite a few chickens, two species of quail, two parakeets, two snakes, a tortoise and some fish. “My life has actually been really busy quarantined with all the animals. Lots of them are getting upgraded housing now that me and my mom have more time,” Haines said.

She noted that she has been spending a lot of time with her ball python Loki, who was adopted from the Petaluma Wildlife Museum. She went on to say, “He likes licking people’s faces like dogs do.”

A big part of her life is her love for animals, and with this extra time at home, she has been able to spend more time with them.

Matthew Kemp is a junior at Petaluma High and has a slight obsession with his animals. His cat Scarlet was featured on his Snapchat story very often when she was a kitten. He has two dogs: a Dachshund Terrier named Charlie and a Springer Spaniel named Ellie.

“The ‘[shelter] in place’ order has been much easier with pets,” he said.

He also has a llama named Mable that scares dogs away from his sheep (there are approximately 30 of them). Kemp said that he has been keeping busy by feeding his llama every day.

Junior Brooke Bruhn has been keeping herself busy during quarantine with her lamb, Rico, and her steer (a male cow), Darnell. She has been showing lambs with her sister in 4H (a non-profit youth development organization) since she was 12, and started showing steers for FFA her freshman year.

Additionally, she has two Fox Terrier Beagles named Mitchell and Lily, who her family bred. Although there are no puppies for them to take care of, Lily and Mitchell help out around the farm.

Bruhn said, “I have been putting the steers on the field for exercise and to let them get their energy out, and have been walking them around. With the lambs, I have been halter breaking them and getting them used to me and the halter.”

Bruhn looks forward to the extra time she has been given to work with her animals and get them ready for showing.


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