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Past Fire Alarm Issues

Throughout the month of February, the fire alarm had gone off constantly, mostly during first and fourth periods. These fire alarms disrupted class time, and many students were hypothesizing that students were pulling it as a joke. 

Since early February, the fire alarm was going off on A days at approximately nine in the morning. After further investigation, the school learned that the alarm was prompted by the same sensor every time in a classroom located in the E building. “We don’t know why that sensor was going off, we were never able to determine what the issue was,” said PHS Principal Mori. “We think it was some sort of malfunction in the sensor,” Mori added.

The way this problem was resolved was initially disabling the sensor because there were other sensors in the same room. A new sensor has been put in and since doing that, the alarm detection system has not had any issues. “Because it kept happening, we were pretty much ready for it when it happened, so around that time, we made someone... run up to the room to find out if it was indeed a false alarm and then silenced it,” continued Mori. The administration's reaction time to calling it off as a false alarm got quicker, yet what really threw off the staff was when it happened on a B-day a half-hour later than expected. The school assumes that this problem was solely caused by a malfunctioning sensor and has since had no problems after the replacement.

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