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Paradise Sushi

If you are looking for a good and affordable sushi restaurant, Paradise Sushi may be the   Japanese sushi bar for you. Located on the River Plaza in Downtown Petaluma, they offer a variety of Japanese food like nigiri, rolls, hibachi and soups. In addition to all of those traditional options, they also have a wide selection of vegetarian and more modernized options. 

Some delicious recommended dishes that they offer are the California roll, edamame appetizer, the Vegas roll and the green salad.  There is also an “all you can eat sushi” lunch option on the menu, which is $20.95. The dinner option, which is “all you can eat dinner rolls, plus lunch” is $28.95. Along with the sushi, these combos also include miso soup and a house salad.

When you walk into the restaurant, you are greeted by a host and seated in a very timely manner. You have the option to sit at a table or at the sushi bar, where you can see the chefs making sushi. 

“The servers make sure to always come and make sure that I am enjoying my meal and to check up if I need anything,” said junior Kaylee Ielmorini. Along with consistent fast service, the atmosphere is very roomy and the lightning is just right. The tables are also nicely spaced out so you do not feel like you are too close to the other diners.

Overall, Paradise Sushi is a very affordable and tasty restaurant that will satisfy many unique and traditional sushi preferences.


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