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My Last Homecoming

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

Wednesday, 9/25 3 P.M.

It is that time of the year again. People are buying their dresses, talking about the football game and making plans to get ready with friends. The experience feels the same as the others, except this year, it’s my last one. My last homecoming dress, pictures and football game. The last time I will lose my voice screaming our school’s cheesy chants. I am hit with a wave of nostalgia, allowing the last three years’ worth of homecoming memories to wash over me. The good, the bad and everything in between is replayed, taking me through all the ups and downs of the past years. The friend group drama, the stress of AP exams, finding my place in such a culturally-rich atmosphere.

I distinctly remember my freshman year and obsessing over buying the perfect dress and getting my hair styled by a professional. Now I think of the dance that is just three days away. It is my last homecoming dance, which is supposed to be the most important, but I do not have a ticket yet and I have not even thought about what I am going to be wearing or what I’m doing with my hair. It seems so trivial compared to the fact that I will be in college this time next year. Several of my friends are not even going so why should I care about the superficial aspects of dances? The dress, the shoes, the makeup, the hair. It is ingrained in our minds to be more complicated than it needs to.

All I want to do is hang out with my friends and enjoy a final, wholesome experience of the homecoming festivities.

Saturday, 9/28 10 A.M.

Believe it or not, I still do not have a dress or have a clue about what I am going to do with my hair. Luckily, I bought my ticket on Thursday, September 26, so at least I can actually get through the doors now. The panic has not set in yet, but I know it will any minute now. I do not think I have grasped the fact that I am very unprepared for the events of the night. My mom seems to be more stressed out than I am, which is funny since I am the one that is actually going. I guess I just do not care enough to stress, which is ironic since usually, I overthink just about everything. The clock is ticking and a dress is not going to just magically appear on my doorstep, so I have to go shopping.

Saturday, 9/28 5 P.M.

It smells like burnt hair and perfume. The room is filled with straighteners, curling irons and makeup bags. There are seven girls running around with dresses, hair products, and makeup brushes, all at different stages in their dance preparation. Some have finished their hair and have moved on to their makeup, while others, myself included, have not done much of anything. At least I can say I found a dress. It’s turquoise, with a v-neck, flowing down to just above my knees. I do not like it very much, but I cannot really be picky when the dance starts in just under three hours. I found an old pair of black heels in my closet and although they barely fit, they are enough to get me through pictures. We are all frantically running from room to room, checking the clock every five minutes. We have a BBQ dinner that starts in just under a half hour and the pictures will quickly follow suit. “I’m not going to finish my makeup in time!” yelled Audrey Arntz, senior, as she violently dabbed her face with her beauty blender. I feel like we are going to be so late.

9/28 9 P.M.

It is hot and smelly in this gym and I think I have had enough of the homecoming hyperactivity to last a lifetime. There is still an hour left and I am already dreaming of the shower I am going to take when I get home. Don’t get me wrong, I was and am enjoying myself, but there are only so many mosh pits I can take before I drop from exhaustion. I can already tell I am going to have bruises on my feet tomorrow morning, but it is all worth it. My last homecoming was a good experience and I think it is finally sinking in that I will not get to dance in a sweaty, smelly and piping hot gym for Homecoming ever again. Senior year is going to be filled with lasts, which it is something I am slowly coming to terms with. Goodbye Homecoming: the feeling of unity that you bring will be missed.


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