• The Trojan Tribune Staff

Movie Swap

As I turned on my television and opened Hulu to watch Lorelei’s recommended movie, Scream (1996), I was surprised to find that it is a horror movie making fun of the horror genre. I was excited to jump into a parody film, and my excitement grew when I saw that Courtney Cox, who played Monica Geller in the TV series “Friends,” was in this movie.

This movie uses self-aware humor to its advantage. It uses the cringey moments from “classic” horror movies for comedy, such as a character’s dumb behaviors. The suspense kept me hooked until the very end, trying to identify the killer. The film is a stroke of brilliance and the cast does a great job in telling this story and portraying their characters. The characters were very-developed and kept the movie effortlessly funny. I assumed there would be more cringey moments considering that the movie is kind of a parody, but I thought the way it was put together was tasteful overall. I now consider “Scream” to be one of my favorite movies, and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys horror.

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