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Late Night Howls

If you were to step outside at 8 o’clock every night, you would hear a loud howling sound made by people all across the town. Why is that?

In Italy, where the COVID-19 pandemic struck very hard in February and March, people would play music and sing to each other every night. After the shelter-in-place order here, Californians decided to put their own twist on this practice. Starting in Mill Valley, Calif., citizens would howl at 8 o’clock each night to show their appreciation for healthcare workers and prevent them from feeling alone during this tough time. This tradition quickly made its way through California to Sonoma County. Now, in Petaluma, you can hear the cries of gratitude each night, too.

The late-night howls are intended to be a fun way for the appreciative citizens to shed light on the commendable health care workers across the world.

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