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Injuries in Wrestling

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Though football has had the recent spotlight surrounding injuries in sports, wrestling is another sport that can seriously injure people. The main idea of the sport is to slam other players into the mat to impose your own prowess over them. While there are precautions, such as headgear and the mats underneath the wrestlers, falling wrong or getting hit can still be painful and dangerous.

In practice, dangers are present as well. Sometimes mats can split and leave large gaps of hard concrete exposed that can be easily landed on. A hand or an ankle can fall into the crack and that wrestler can be seriously injured. An injury can change the outcome of their entire athletic career in high school.

Petaluma High School' wrestling coach Paul Schloesser says that there is only so much the team can do to prevent injury, and that all he can do is be prepared. “Any sport has its injuries,” Schloesser said. “As a coach, if you are preparing for those injuries, you should not have that many worries because you have athletes to step in for those kids.”

While it may be reassuring to a coach to have back-up athletes, students still get hurt in ways that can be very discouraging and painful. Of the many injuries experienced, Schloesser cannot think of any that have taken students out of school, but students still have to go to doctor’s appointments and health check-ups, which can cost school time depending on when they are scheduled, and injuries like concussions can make student-athletes unable to complete classwork.

Nick Trave, junior, has gotten cauliflower ear multiple times, taking him out of wrestling and landing him in the doctor's office. Cauliflower ear is a large pocket of blood formed due to blunt trauma. “I got hit, I think, six times in my ear... I don’t realize I actually get hit, it just happens,” said Trave.

The injury took him out of summer practice, which is the season wrestlers use to stay in shape and get ready for the actual season. “I had to stop for two months actually,” Trave elaborated. “As it kept happening, because I got it multiple times it got annoying and I was getting really discouraged.”

Repeat injuries aren’t uncommon, and in this case, his injury can be quite bad if left untreated. Cauliflower ear can result in headaches, blurred vision and a permanent deformity. Injuries can vary in sports like wrestling, some very severe, some otherwise, but still in high-intensity physical sports, they can be permanently damaging.

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