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How are Students Liking Zoom?

The rapid spread of COVID-19 has forced Petaluma High School to adapt and make drastic changes to ensure that students still have the opportunity to learn during quarantine. As a result, PHS has become one of the many schools across the United States to implement Zoom, a remote conferencing site that uses video chat to virtually facilitate meetings and gatherings. For students, Zoom is their new classroom.

While many agree that the site is helpful and necessary, the unfamiliarity of it all is hard to ignore. “I have a feeling we’ll get used to it, but right now it feels very strange,” said Jett Pacciorini, junior.

Other students echoed this sentiment. “I don’t necessarily mind Zoom, but it does feel really odd to be attending classes from home,” said junior Bailey Dyson.

Students and teachers in our community are doing their best to adapt to these unforeseen circumstances, but establishing a new routine is not always the easiest. As time progresses, the collective hope is that distance learning starts to feel a little more normal and natural.


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