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GQ Preview

Students who attended the Winter Formal rallies in January got a small preview of this year’s GQ, Petaluma High School’s annual talent show for senior boys, which will be taking place on February 29. 12 seniors will be competing for certain titles — Mr. GQ, the overall winner; Mr. Popularity, the biggest donation earner at intermission; Mr. Silly Goose, the funniest contestant; and Mr. Congeniality, the most fun to work with according to the other boys. 10% of all donations will be sent to the charity of the winner’s choice, which they announce during the show. The remaining money serves as the last fundraiser for the senior class’s events, such as prom.

This year’s theme is West Side Roundup. The seniors of ASB debated ‘Cops and Robbers’ and ‘Back in Time’ before settling on the country theme.

“[The theme] is something I’m not used to,” said contestant Carlos Calito. “My friends will be surprised when they see me [in] my cowboy outfit,” he added.

Last year’s All-Stars themed GQ saw acts ranging from a Britney Spears dance routine to a recital of John Mulaney and Nick Kroll’s Oh, Hello On Broadway.

Audience members this year will watch comedy and musical acts, ranging from guitar and piano playing to rapping. To make sure these acts are performed without a hitch, the boys are rehearsing twice a week until the week of the show, when there will be daily dress rehearsals.

“The biggest [challenge] has definitely been trying to get the boys to [focus] during rehearsals,” said ASB President Lucienne Ellis. She mentioned that they can be rowdy sometimes.

Some say that one of the most entertaining parts of GQ is the commentary. ASB members interview potential MCs and note how they interact with the contestants. Senior Isabella Villarreal has been chosen to MC this year and said, “[I am] super excited to carry on the tradition.”

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