• The Trojan Tribune Staff

Freshman Review

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Being a freshman can be a struggle to adjust to this new lifestyle. At the start of the school year, there are a lot of clubs and electives to join which may be overwhelming for some students. Clubs and sports teams are an exciting way to make friends who share similar interests.

Maguire Ayerza, a student on the freshman football team,said that his first impression of the school was, “Oh my god, the campus is huge.” Maguire’s time on the football team is a very new experience compared to the team he was on prior, as he has been able to play in many games, winning one game against Casa.

Louis Rodriguez, a band member, said, “The campus isn’t confusing because I went here before the school year started.” Being in the band gives Louis opportunities to play at events such as football games and to learn how to play bass drum.

Nikolas Rigney said that his year is already “better than last year.”

Simone Guthrie said, “I’ve made new friends although I don’t know half of their names.” About A+, she said, “Sometimes I get things done. I try to get things done, I usually just want to read.” In conclusion, overall the changes between middle school and high school are jurassic.


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