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Freshman Review

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Football games, dances and parties. High school is an adventure. But your freshman year, what many call a new chapter, can be hard to adjust to. My experience might be easier than some because I went to Petaluma Junior High School. This made the transition easier because PJHS is connected to Petaluma High School. A good majority of the freshman class is from the junior high, so I already know most of the freshmen as well as other former PJHS students in my classes. I also already understand systems of the school such as the block schedule.

So far, my freshman year has been pretty good; I enjoy the teachers, classes and the vibe of high school. I recently attended my first homecoming, both the football game and the dance. Even though I have absolutely no idea how football works, it was still entertaining. I watched the game, got food and cheered on our team. The dance was just as exciting. It was fun to experience something as a member of a larger school with my friends by my side.

Freedom is one of the many things I like about high school. I like being able to use my phone and have more privileges. The rules are less strict here, such as the dress code and the upperclassmen’s privilege of going off-campus for lunch.

I also like how there is more variety in the classes we are able to take. At PJHS you could choose between advanced or regular math and English; that was it. In high school you can choose between honors or regular, what science subject, math subject, and basically any class subject. High school has more opportunities to do what interests you.

My teachers and classes have been favorable this year. Surprisingly, I actually have less homework than I did in eighth grade. My teachers have all been relaxed, funny and kind. My classes and school community are teeming with people to talk to, which has made the classroom environment more comfortable. It can sometimes be scary to think about everything coming in the future; College, the SAT, AP classes, graduation and prom are just a few examples. I look forward to my next three years of high school.

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